Boy gets into trouble for doodling during lesson time – hired by restaurant to create wall art


He got in trouble at school for doodling when he should have been paying attention in class. But then a restaurant decides to hire him to decorate their walls and his masterpiece takes everyone’s breath away!

Joe Whale, a highly gifted boy, personally encountered the stifling effect of standardized tests on creativity. These tests impose limitations on students’ imaginative abilities.

Joe has a passion for doodling and he excels at it. Instead of paying attention to his teachers during class, he would draw in his notebook, which often got him into trouble. When Joe’s teachers informed his parents about his obsession with doodling, they didn’t scold him. Instead, they decided to support his passion and enrolled him in an after-school art class to enhance his skills.

Joe was offered an opportunity to develop his talent and pledged to be more attentive in class now that he discovered a space where he could freely showcase his abilities.

Joe’s amazing artwork left his art teacher, Kerry, astounded. “I requested samples of his work from his parents to evaluate his skill level, and I was absolutely blown away by what I saw. We immediately promoted him to a higher-level class,” she shared with Metro Newspaper.

He produces precise and flawless work, maintaining a perfect balance. He skips the practice and goes straight to creating impeccable pieces with ink.

Kerry chose to post pictures of Joe’s artwork on Instagram, and an amazing thing occurred. The proprietor of the nearby eatery called ‘Number 4’ reached out to Kerry and inquired if Joe would be interested in adorning the dining area of the restaurant with his illustrations.

Kerry phoned Joe’s parents, and they gladly agreed to the offer.

Joe’s dad proudly shared with Metro that his son is an incredibly gifted young boy. He is thriving academically, excelling in both football and cricket. However, it is drawing that truly ignites his passion.

He felt limited in school with the amount of art he could create, so he resorted to doodling on the whiteboard of the table during class, which often got him in trouble.

We are thrilled with all his accomplishments. It’s amazing that a business has hired our nine-year-old son to do a professional job.

To learn more about this heartwarming story and get a better view of this boy’s artwork, check out the video linked below.

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