He fulfilled his dream!: Young indigenous man graduated as a pilot in the United States


They say out there that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and more when you are tenacious enough to achieve it. Such is the case of a young man with limited resources and of indigenous origin, who decided to leave everything he knew to prove himself and the world that as long as there is a small possibility to achieve what you want so much, it is possible.

It is well known that access to education is not possible in many parts of the planet, especially for low-income countries or with social problems, however, nobody tells children when they are little to stop dreaming of becoming in astronauts, doctors, teachers or pilots, like Luis Ángel, who grew up with the vague illusion of one day achieving it.

Originally from Panama, he is from a small region of the Central American country, Ngäbe Buglé, inhabited by indigenous peoples, where Luis Ángel Marcucci Bejerano grew up next to his humble family.

However, he knew that if he stayed he would not be able to fulfill everything he had planned, which is why he traveled to the United States of America, a strange country, a language totally different from his own and alone.

The ultimate goal was to become an aviator pilot and although the career was long and the road would be difficult, in the end, he was able to carry out his dream and make his entire family and community proud. At only 21 years old, the young man had to investigate what he needed to be a pilot, that’s when he discovered that he had to leave Panama and travel abroad, to the place where the best aviation schools were.

“When you have nothing to lose, all you have to do is take risks for your dreams,” said the Panamanian.

Without wanting to, Luis Ángel pursued the famous American dream and thanks to the support of his family and the government of his community. In addition, he had to make many sacrifices to qualify as a commercial aviation pilot. When he first arrived in the United States, he was very limited, since he only knew the basics of English from some courses he took in his country.

“At first it was not easy for me to speak and write English, but I managed it through the courses I took before leaving for that country.”

A few years later, Luis can already say that he is quite a pilot, he speaks English and a little Mandarin. He would like to work for the Panamanian Aviation Company and thus create alliances with foreign companies, he wants his community to have a better social development.

Despite his humble origins, the young pilot does not want to be the only one who can follow his dreams and for this, he returned to his country to inspire boys and girls to fight for it if they have a dream. There is no doubt that his example will serve many future generations to soak up the history of someone as persevering and disciplined as Luis Ángel.

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