He finds his lost engagement ring from 13 years ago… in a carrot.


The jewel suited the vegetable like a glove.

A woman couldn’t believe what she found while picking carrots for dinner in her orchard in Alberta, Canada.

A diamond ring was perfectly inserted into one of the vegetables.

Colleen Daley showed the amazing find to her husband, who immediately knew what it was. It was the ring that her mother had lost 13 years ago.

Mary Grams, now 84, was devastated when she lost her engagement ring while gardening at her home in 2004.

For over half a century, the jewel has been an inseparable part of her since her husband gave it to her in 1951.

His displeasure was so great that he preferred not to confess the loss. Instead, she went to a jewelry store to buy a similar ring for less. The man never noticed the change.

“Maybe I didn’t do the right thing, but I was so upset…” Mary said.

inserted into the root

His son, the only one who knew the story, instantly recognized the jewel found. The carrot had grown inside the ring and was imprisoning the root of the vegetable, which seemed about to explode.

Despite everything, the ring is still the size of Mary, who had already given up all hope of recovering it after so many years.

After 13 years, Mary is happy to have found her engagement ring again.

Now, moved by the discovery, the woman regrets never telling the truth to her husband, who died five years ago.

“He was a prankster. Probably, he would have found this situation quite amusing.”

Now, she assures that she will be more careful not to lose her jewel again. “I’m going to put it in a safe place. It’s what I should have done before,” she said.

More unions between rings and carrots

Despite the incredible story, this is not the first time a ring has been inserted into a carrot.

In 2007, a woman from León, Spain, found her wedding ring, lost in the same place six years before, in her garden. Something similar happened in 2016 to an 82-year-old German man.

In 2011, a Swedish woman found her ring in a carrot in her garden. The curious thing about this case is that the jewel had been lost in the kitchen of her house -and not in the garden- 16 years before.

Carrots definitely seem to have a special magnet to attract lost jewelry.

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