He crosses half the world looking for his nanny and finds her after 45 years


They say that when stories remain unfinished, it is necessary to close them to move on, and that is precisely what Juan Jonsson wanted to do, but far from concluding a cycle in his life, what he wanted to do is thank someone important for what they did for him when he was a child. Little. He wanted to continue writing that story.

Jonsson -now a church pastor- travelled from Spain to Bolivia with the sole purpose of finding Ana, his nanny when he was a child, after 45 years he undertook the mission of reuniting with her.

It was 8984.624 kilometres that “Juanito” literally crossed to arrive with Ana Jiménez, 78 years old and a resident of a town in Bolivia. They both met in Spain. Despite being born in Sweden, Johnsson grew up and spent a large part of his life in the Iberian country.

When he was 6 months old, his family travelled to Cochabamba, Bolivia, to work. They lived there for just over 6 years and during his stay, they hired someone to take care of him and his two brothers; This is how a 31-year-old Ana came to work for a foreign family.

An adult Juan never forgot Ana, and a few months ago, he decided to open a page “A help for Ana”, in order to collect donations from users. The Swedish-Spanish travelled from Fuengirola, Spain to Yacuiba, Bolivia, where Ana lives with her son, who was decisive in achieving the reunion.

The two men had been in constant communication for some time before. “She knew that she was going to visit her, but she didn’t know who,” the pastor said in an interview.

Juan decided to share his story on TikTok, and the video quickly became a trend. During the visit you can see Juanito’s arrival at the house, and his emotion when he greets and recognizes himself; then they saw photos of when he was a baby and went to eat typical dishes of the region.

Ana’s life after saying goodbye to the Jonsson family was not easy, recently her son had heart problems, and she also lost her husband in a work accident.

“When I saw him again I didn’t recognize him, but I had him in my heart. I stayed with Juanito, he was six months old, he was affectionate. Later, when he grew up, he ran everywhere I was. He would call him ‘my Swedish cholo’ and he would call me ‘my nana,’” Ana recalled.

While the parents travelled through different communities in southern Bolivia, the older children stayed in a boarding school, but Juan was left in the care of his nanny.

At 78 years old, Jiménez still remembers some anecdotes and antics of her Juanito, for a long time, he called her “my nana,” and she called him “my Swedish cholo.” The pastor also said that he wants to help Ana in whatever way she can to reward her for what she did for him.

«The affection and love, that never goes away and that is why I am so privileged to meet Ana; It’s very special.”

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