Have you ever had thalassophobia? These 17 images can assist you in determining


The ocean is immense and unknown, almost as much as space, so it is not surprising that humans have developed thalassophobia.

Fear of drowning, which is described as an unreasonable fear of the sea, thalassophobia is a disease that affects many human beings, who are afraid of what the waters of our oceans, but also those of the seas and lakes, may hide. But what are people with thalassophobia actually afraid of, and how should they feel? Doesn’t it happen a bit for everyone to feel uncomfortable when you can’t touch the bottom of where you are swimming?

Anyone who has ever been in a swimming pool, whether they suffer from thalassophobia or not, has at least once suspected that a large predator could pop out at any moment!

image: memes

If not a shark, why not a monstrous animal, ready to devour us?

image: reddit

Or, third possibility, an alien or similar ready to pop out of the water and make us die of fear!

image: deepseanews

If you are close to a dream coast, even that is not perceived as a safe place: who knows what threat can hide under the sand!

image: reddit

When, in a lake or in a sea, darkness prevails on the crystalline seabed … save those who can!

image: reddit

And even if a harmless animal swims next to it, it will turn into the worst enemy in the eyes of the thalassophobia sufferer.

image: reddit

If you then decide to dive and you see some suspicious shape, you will immediately think of a ghost.

image: tumblr

But there is no worse thing for someone suffering from thalassophobia than feeling their leg touched by something underwater!

It is obvious that species that can harm humans can be found in the depths of the oceans …

but from here to believe that suddenly a sea hole can suck us, we pass!

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