Harrison Ford is praised for his youthful look at 80.


“She looks unbelievably good for an 80 year old, makes me want to get fit,” wrote one user.

The renowned actor Harrison Ford stole hundreds of glances and sighs in each of his public appearances in his youth. After starring in great movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, the actor found a new stage in his career full of success where he showed off his style, elegance and beauty in an incredible way.

Not for nothing did he become one of the leading men of the golden cinema in his early years, and he continues to be so today, regardless of age.

And it is not in vain because, at 80, the distinguished actor continues to captivate thousands for how good he looks at his age. Some even say that he looks “younger than ever”.

Daily Mail shared a series of images of Harrison Ford walking through West Hollywood. The actor wore a casual look with dark jean pants, a matching sweater and a shirt underneath in pure old-money style. And in fact, it is a dress similar to what he wore in his youth.

Looking more handsome and healthy than ever, the actor relaxed with his hands in his pockets. He also wore sunglasses that were “the icing on the cake” to show that Harrison Ford was still a heartthrob at 80 years old.

The comments on social networks were not long in coming.

“He looks incredible for being 80 years old, many people at that age begin to decline, but he looks very good, younger than he is”, “he never allowed himself to be out of shape, he is committed”, “he looks incredibly good for 80, makes me want to be fit”, “OMG he looks too good at 80”, and “he looks even younger than many 45 year old men”, some users said.

At the moment, Harrison Ford is in recordings of the new movie “Captain America: New World Order” which will be released in 2024, marking his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this new film, the actor will take on the role of Thaddeus Ross, a high-ranking military member who the late William Hurt previously played.

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