Happy Birthday to the woman turning 100, who is flanked by her 102 and 104-year-old sisters!


One 100-year-old woman in Kansas was the youngest of her three sisters. But the majority of centenarians are the oldest people present.

In November 2021, Frances Kompus celebrated her 100th birthday with her sisters, ages 102 and 104.

According to KSN TV, Frances Pochop is the younger sister of Julia Korpiva, 104, and Lucy Pochop, 102.

Three Kansas sisters all reach triple digits: 104, 102, 100

Lucy, Julia, and Frances are all widows and grandmothers who live in the same apartment building.

The sisters recall their father, who worked the land without the aid of modern machinery and required them to bring gasoline in 5-gallon buckets to him out in the field as they grew up on a farm during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Their father lived to be 98 years old.

The sisters acknowledged that one of the most crucial elements in leading a long and healthy life was eating healthfully.

Every day fresh bread was cooked, plain potatoes were provided with meat and sauce, and fresh bread was always available. It was difficult to bake on those stoves. It was quite tough to keep this temperature steady. Even if it didn’t work out well, we still ate it, Julia jokingly said.

I am thankful for my parents, my faith, and the fact that we girls are always together, she added.

When asked what advice they would provide to the younger generations, the sisters unanimously agreed that exercise and religious observance were essential.

Julia added, “I think faith comes first – and thank your parents and grandparents,” to Frances’ advice to take lots of walks.

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