Grandson stops the family from sending grandma to a care home by giving all his attention to her.


Their connection is so strong and loving, it’s beautiful. I can tell he cherishes every moment. ?

If you watch TikTok, you probably have seen videos from Chris Punsalan.

This young man has 1.9 million followers, and the content he posts isn’t the typical funny videos, food blogs, or dance moves.

Chris makes videos about his pet “Lola”.

He talks about his lovely, cute, and kind grandma and what they do together every day.

This 29-year-old man from Henderson, Nevada, not only plays music and creates content, but he also spends all of his time taking care of his grandmother.

Chris had always wanted to be a famous YouTuber. He tried different kinds of videos and approaches, but he didn’t realize that the secret to his success came from someone close to him.

The young boy and his family were originally from Tarlac, a province in the Philippines. They eventually moved to the United States.

His Lola came with them.

His grandmother used to be a teacher at an elementary school in the Philippines for over 20 years.

Chris and his grandmother are speaking a language called Kapampangan in their TikTok videos.

Chris said that in 2015 his grandma was 88 years old and they had a hard decision to make – whether to hire a full-time caretaker or move his grandma into their home for the elderly.

Chris understood his position.

Lola is the Filipino word for grandmother, but Chris usually calls her “Apu”, which is the Kapampangan way of saying “grandma”.

Chris couldn’t imagine his lola (grandmother) going to a nursing home and having to be with people she didn’t know.

He realized that since he was close to his grandmother, it was his responsibility to take care of her.

He gives all his time to her.

He understood that this job needed him to give it his full focus, care, and be understanding, but he was prepared.

Chris has been posting pictures of his grandma online since 2014, and he has been making video blogs since 2019.

People saw how amazing their relationship was when he started posting videos of their everyday lives.

Taking care of his grandmother is not easy. It requires a lot of attention and patience, but he doesn’t mind doing it.

His grandma is very valuable.

People noticed that his grandmother is very quiet and kind.

She would often request her rosary and show appreciation to Chris for taking care of her.

He explains everything in detail.

Chris prepares grandma’s bed every day, arranging the pillows so she feels comfortable, getting her to drink water, and telling her he loves her in their daily vlogs.

The bigger tasks involve showing her how to get ready for bath time, telling her what is happening outside, and showing her how to change diapers.

In one of his recent interviews on a Philippine TV channel, he said that sometimes he feels scared because reality is sinking in.

Chris said that Lola had been very forgetful.

She sometimes would ask him who he was and how they were related, which made the young man feel sad.

He suggested that we should cherish every moment.

Every moment with our loved ones is valuable, so let’s make sure to treat them kindly while we still can.

Chris always puts in extra effort to make sure his lola is happy, takes care of her needs, and shows her how much he loves her.

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