Grandpa surprises parents by sending them texts about their baby.


Grandpa said he would look after their 8-month-old baby while his daughter and husband went away. He’s not very good with technology, so they were surprised when they got his messages.

There are many, many reasons why grandparents are the best.

Many children are often generous with giving out extra cookies, willing to bend the rules, and giving money as gifts for birthdays.

Grandparents are the best because they are loving, trustworthy, and always make you smile.

Stephanie Waterhouse and her husband were confident that their son Ty would be safe when they left town because he was with his “PawPaw.”

While they were on vacation, they got funny pictures sent to them through text messages from back home.

Stephanie made the decision to show her ideas to everyone, and now people all over the internet are laughing at them!

The Waterhouses come from a military background, so they have strong discipline.

But they’re not rigid and strict people. Not even close – you’ll see.

Stephanie asked David, her dad, if he would look after their eight-month-old baby so they could go on a trip.

David, also known as PawPaw, was happy to take the job of babysitting and flew up from Dallas, Texas to spend time with his grandson, Ty.

The couple did not know it, but he had planned a funny surprise for them while they were away.

Stephanie said her dad is not very tech savvy. She told GMA he still has a flip phone that doesn’t get online.

David wanted to send his daughter funny pictures of her son Ty, so he had to be more creative!

Be prepared to have a good chuckle when you check out “Memes by PawPaw”!

Pictures started coming in from PawPaw via text message.

Ty was lying next to a funny message written on a piece of paper from his flip phone in every photo.

David must have worked really hard to plan and practice for this event!

David had to do some planning beforehand.

He created the messages on his computer at home before he left, as he was worried he wouldn’t be able to use the family’s printer.

One of them read it:

Hello, Mom and Dad I just made a new friend. Godfather Danny would be pleased, according to Grandpa. Love, Ty

We really appreciate his creativity. It’s so cute that he used print outs for his project. It’s a funny combination of modern and traditional ideas!

David lacks a Facebook page, and according to his daughter, he has no idea what a meme is. However, he excels at creating his own!

PawPaw gave Ty’s question to the parents to think about during their trip.

Hey Dad and Mom, we checked out Jeeps today and I really liked the red one. Can I get my license earlier? Love, Ty

I’m wondering where the child got their interest in cars from. It’s quite masculine, like a real man!

The two boys didn’t stay inside the entire time.

David took his grandson on a small trip and they took a picture of the Jeep they wanted. Good choice, kid!

David wasn’t always not good with technology. He used to be better at it.

Stephanie said to GMA,

My dad used to be a Dallas Police Officer but recently retired. He made a database that helped the Dallas Police Department keep track of information. The FBI saw his idea and used it to make one of their databases.

Is it impressive that an older person has accomplished this? They’ve caught a lot of criminals with this person’s system!

Stephanie and her husband weren’t shocked when the photos started arriving, as her dad is known for being humorous.

They knew their son was in good care, so they could relax and enjoy their vacation.

PawPaw really enjoys being a grandfather and loves spending time with Ty. I’m glad that I’m able to take it easy, knowing my son is having an amazing time with PawPaw.

Grandparents are awesome! Watch the video from GMA below to see one of PawPaw’s funny memes!

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