Grandpa needed to sell his loaves, and this boy helped him on social media. Thousands supported him


The power and scope of the internet are fantastic. Fortunately, some people use it to do good.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the internet has become a complex world. In this intangible space, you can do EVERYTHING, from searching for data, making friends around the world, and buying and selling products or services.

Although physical stores continue to exist, online marketplaces have quickly gained ground. Well, there is nothing like shopping in the comfort of your home with a single click and without having to deal with other people. However, there are still things that are difficult to find on the internet, such as delicious bread or hot coffee. Not because there are no platforms dedicated to offering food but because many merchants do not know how to enter that world.

This is the situation of an elderly baker who fortunately received the help of a young man skilled on the Internet. This is Javier Amaro, a boy in his 20s who decided to promote that man’s business through his social networks.

The event occurred in Fresno, California , United States, where Javier is from. There he met a very old man who was dedicated to selling bread. The young man tried it and liked it so much that he wanted to help the old man grow his small business. That is why he decided to share a message on his Facebook account so that everyone he knows would be encouraged to try the product.

«Fresno, Zona de Ca. This man sells really good Mexican bread, it costs a dollar a bag, I bought 15 bags to help him. He shows me that it doesn’t matter if you are old, unfit or healthy to work, when you enjoy doing something you love, age is not an obstacle. Please help him, he is always located at 2032 N. Angus or call 559-515-1271 » Javier added a photo.

The young man knew that the Fresno community would not let them down, and many residents bought bread. The publication reached more than 7,000 positive reactions, and thanks to the 12 shares, the man became known and was able to sell all his products.

Many satisfied customers also shared their experience with the baker and assured that the service was excellent and the bread was delicious.

Thanks to Javier Amaro and his noble idea, this baker increased his sales and clientele, improving his business and his quality of life. But that’s not all because the man also made a friend in Javier.

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