Grandmother decided at 85 to travel the world and add years to her life


It is very rare to get to know this type of story since we are used to seeing how our lives go by and when we reach a certain age we forget to live, we forget our dreams and we see how impossible it is to be able to fulfil them.

The story of this grandmother went around the world for her message of overcoming, of perseverance and above all, for not allowing our lives to end prematurely. Joy is a woman who spent her life at home; she was always curious but never travelled. Two of her children left early, as did her husband. She spent the last 20 years at home until she joined her grandson De Ella Brad de Ella and together they have travelled mountains, and roads, seen the ocean and continue to rack up miles and travel adventures.

Joy started traveling when she was 85 years old, she always wanted to, but resources stopped her.

It all started when her grandson told her the stories he had experienced crossing the Appalachian Trail, and then she confessed that she did not know the sea or the mountains. Moved by his grandmother’s confession, Brad decided that he would fulfill his dream and there began his adventure that would take them on a wonderful journey that has lasted for more than 6 years.

«My grandmother was 85 years old, she lived completely alone in her house, in that small and old house where my brothers and I grew up. She had to go through many things, very sad moments and I feel that life is using me as instruments so that she can go in peace and happy to have fulfilled her dream of traveling and seeing the world. She worked until she was 80 years old, earning a minimum salary that was barely enough to live with dignity, so there was not much money to undertake our adventure ».

After that first trip in 2015, Brad decided to open a page to raise funds and be able to make his grandmother’s dream come true. To his great surprise, hundreds of people were moved by this story and in a few months he had enough money to start his adventure Together.

Since that trip, they have visited even more. They keep travelling continuously and share their adventures with others to inspire them to travel. Joy , at 91 years old, enjoys her life more than ever, because she feels that she has been given a second chance to admire the world.

«This trip has been a unique experience for both of us, my grandmother lives every day knowing that this may be the first and last time she visits these places, she takes her time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and without a doubt, this has changed my life drastically.

Travel gives us a new perspective, fills us with experiences and above all, allows us to discover who we are. It’s fantastic to think that a 91-year-old woman is living the life she’s always dreamed of and now inspires thousands of people not to wait until their grandparents to start travelling.

Until 2021, the young man and the 91-year-old grandmother had already visited 53 of the 63 national parks in the United States. They are only 10 short and hope to get closer to that goal.

Brad has become a fauna veterinarian, he has documented the adventure with his grandmother through social networks, where he shares incredible photos where they are both happy and Joy full of vitality. Brad confesses that the trip with Joy has brought them closer and has taught him many things, like being patient and enjoying life at a slower pace but more interesting.

The young man has created beautiful memories with his grandmother and that comforts him because he knows that when she is gone, he will return to the places they have visited together and will be able to connect with her and feel her presence.

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