Grandma receives criticism for wearing a bikini: “people think it is inappropriate”.


This 49-year-old woman has no problem showing off her toned body that works out daily at the gym. But she still has received the hate of the internet.

Despite what many say, clothing has no age or gender. There are many people in the world who say that certain clothes do not look good on older people. However, this is nothing more than a stereotype. In reality there is no practical and justified reason why a person, of any age, cannot wear a bikini. Paula Ede is a 49-year-old woman. She has three children and is already the grandmother of 5 grandchildren. Best of all, she’s happy to show off the toned body of hers that she’s worked on for years in a bathing suit.

However, there are people who find this fact somewhat inappropriate and have no qualms about criticizing it. They believe that a lady of her age and with her grandchildren should be more discreet, covering her body and not showing it anywhere. Paula rejects the criticism, explaining: “If you wish to wear a bikini, regardless of your age or size, you should.” She also adds that she cares even less for her when she’s in a public place like the beach, as she probably won’t ever see people giving her ugly looks.

In addition, she adds that she is too busy “having fun worrying about what people will think if they see me in a bikini.” As for her detractors, the woman explains that older people have seen her with bad eyes but that younger or younger people tell her that she looks “completely incredible”. And honestly, I quite agree. Paula is not the stereotype of “granny”, as she is very active and a gym fan.

She also often participates in marathons and goes out with her friends to party at night, as she likes to keep her social life active. If we talk about her wardrobe selection, she likes always to look good, she prefers to make an impact than to be comfortable. She owns such cute and fashionable clothes that even her sons’ girlfriends ask to borrow them. They often ask her her method to stay jovial and young, to which she replies that it is a mixture of genetics and a daily routine of beauty and exercise.

In any case, she is not a fan of expensive products, with the more accessible lines she is happy. Paula begins by cleansing her face using hyaluronic acid and then moisturizes her skin. As for exercise, the woman walks to her work and goes to the gym four times a week.

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