Golden retriever is so kind that bunnies treat her like a mother and seek shelter in her fur.


She shows such loving behavior toward them.

When an animal of one species mistakes another species for its mother, it is impossible not to find the situation endearing. If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly seen hundreds, if not thousands, of similar images. Cats who raise pups and dogs who are raised by cats.

A recent internet article, however, shows us what happens when orphaned bunnies are adopted by kind adults. It’s not a giant rabbit, but a gorgeous Golden Retriever. And she has a lot of talent.

It’s Bailey.

Bailey, a Golden Retriever, is perhaps one of the most attractive dogs you’ve ever seen. Her fur is the normal golden yellow hue and is as soft as silk. Also, her adorable little face cannot be overstated.

It’s easy to see why she’s so popular:

Puppies of the Golden Retriever breed are renowned for their sweetness and docility in addition to their stunning appearance. She is more than that to Bailey. This dog has a lot of tolerance and is always ready to provide affection. That’s especially true with a litter of baby rabbits.


Bailey is a “mom” to not one or two baby bunnies, but twenty-two. They consider this dog to be their mother, and she embraces this position with open paws. Incredible how well she handles such delicate critters.

I am not at all anxious.

Many canines would experience anxiety or stress if they were constantly surrounded by strangers. Contrary to expectations, Bailey is not included. They fly to her as she sleeps, jumping into her fur to make a cozy home.

They just can’t get in there!

When Bailey’s owner sets the rabbits down on the floor, they instantly run to her. You might say they can feel the puppy’s sincere concern for them. Because of this, people are confident in her protection.

Constantly by her side

Rabbits have been seen to hop around and even play with Bailey. Sometimes they want nothing more than to slumber close to her. They don’t care as long as they can be near their mother.

Owners of Bailey aren’t taken aback by anything

This stunning young lady has always had a kind heart. That’s why none of the bunnies are surprised by her decision to take them in as her own. She treats them like a genuine bunny mom would, smelling, petting, and cleaning them.

In other words, it’s a huge hit on the web.

The internet has gone crazy over the video of Bailey and her newborns. Over three million people have seen it thus far. They simply cannot get enough of it. In the words of one commenter: “The sweetness was already at excessive proportions.” THEN A BIRD FLEW IN.”

You heard that right

Bailey not only cares for her owner’s beloved parrot, but also her 22 rabbits. You can watch as this bird flies into the picture and settles in with the others in the movie. That little thing just melts your heart.

Amazing dog, that one is.

Numerous individuals have used the internet to help them cope with the COVID-19 epidemic and feel less alone. If you’re looking for a positive video, don’t pass this one up. Bailey’s impressive skill with the rabbits and the bird is sure to brighten your day.

All you have to do is click the link below to view this fantastic film. We have no doubt that you will appreciate it. We did. But wait, there’s more adorableness to see on Bailey’s own YouTube page.

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