Giant goofy Great Dane is absolutely fascinated with wearing crocs.


Hooch enjoys wearing her fashionable shoes.

Hooch is a shoe girl. While many canines dislike wearing boots, Hooch enjoys it.

However, this is typical behavior for this pampered dog.

The funny Great Dane enjoys receiving attention and meeting new friends equally.

When she is outside, Hooch like to wear booties to protect her paws. However, she does not wear any old shoe.

Hooch enjoys having attractive paws.

When her mother, Holly Smith, saw a pair of brilliantly colored Crocs for dogs, she realized they would be ideal for her unique, large dog.

As soon as Hooch tried them on, she fell head over paws for them.

“As soon as I put them on, she was ecstatic, and we HAD to take a test walk,” Smith told.

Hooch delighted in flaunting her new fashionable Crocs as she ran around in them.

Hooch was extremely keen to host a fashion show and picture session.

Now, Hooch can be spotted wearing her Crocs almost constantly.

“She adores them,” Smith declared. She attracts additional attention when wearing them.

According to Smith’s Facebook page, Hooch’s summer footwear consists of Crocs.

Winter boots are worn by her. Hooch simply adores her footwear in general.

She has both blue and red footwear. But we’ll let Hooch explain her passion for footwear on her own.

“Hooch is here to explain why she is wearing both crocs and shoes. We reside in upstate New York. Pavement can be extremely hot, or the salt when it snows/rains ice can burn a dog’s paws,” she stated on her mother’s Facebook page.

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According to Smith, Hooch has been practicing with boots for some time and shoes are her specialty.

She attempts to wear them for as long as possible without experiencing any irritation.

“She literally runs away from me when I attempt to remove her shoes or clothing,” Smith explained.

Hooch is all about flashy footwork. She frequently requests her mother to paint her toenails. Her favorite nail polish color is pink since it matches her tongue.

Hooch enjoys playing dress-up as well.

She wears a variety of amusing clothing and costumes. She will occasionally do her own cosmetics and paint her eyebrows.

Some may argue that Hooch is somewhat spoilt. But she disagrees with this assessment. She is simply having the life that all dogs deserve.

When she’s not wearing her special shoes, Hooch can be seen curled up in blankets or with her “safety” turtle stuffed animal.

She also enjoys spending time with her German Shepherd-mix brother, Buster, and is a huge fan of the television program “Critter Fixers.” However, one of her favorite activities is spending time with her “baby,” a black cat named Seal.

While it may appear that Hooch just enjoys being the center of attention, she cannot help but draw it due to her charming, loving attitude.

Observe below Hooch running in her favorite shoes.

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