Getting a nose piercing changes his life completely: she ends up in a wheelchair at the age of 20


It’s hard to imagine that a simple nose piercing could completely change your life, much less that it could even leave you unable to walk. And this is precisely what happened to Layane Dias, a 20-year-old Brazilian girl, who has been left with immobility in her legs after contracting a blood infection, the product of a piercing in her nose.

After the nose piercing, Layane began to bleed a lot and presented some symptoms, such as pain, redness in the area of ​​the piercing, inflammation, fever and back pain; besides that, she didn’t feel anything from her breasts down. Thinking that they were usual symptoms, the young woman took an analgesic and applied creams to the affected area. Days passed, and her symptoms continued, so she decided to go to the emergency room, they did X-rays on her back, and her result did not indicate any disease.

When performing other tests, they found that he had contracted a blood infection and numbness in his legs. The MRI also confirmed that he had an accumulation of pus in his vertebrae, which prevented him from moving his legs. She immediately underwent an operation to remove 500 millilitres of pus from her. The severe problem was the piercing in her nose because, through her nostrils, she contracted a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, causing a solid infection in the blood.

Meanwhile, Layne uses a wheelchair. However, she does not rule out the hope of regaining sensation and walking again. It has been an unexpected situation for her, and she decided to share it to raise awareness. Feel free to share her story.

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