George and Charlotte has a very unusual nickname for their dad, William


Prince William and Kate have had a hectic beginning to the year, even considering their usual standards. Nowadays, many of us commonly address our parents as “mom” and “dad” or some similar variation.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a unique way of addressing their father, William. He is next in line for the throne, which comes with many duties. Past events show that scandals can complicate a royal’s responsibilities.

He and Kate Middleton have approached their royal responsibilities with utmost dedication, successfully avoiding any rumors or speculation about them. They have truly excelled in maintaining their reputation.

Prince William

The scandal started when Harry and Meghan departed from the Firm a few years ago. After their interview with Oprah and their Netflix series, things became even more serious. In the documentary released in December, William and Kate were mostly exempt from personal criticism. However, they couldn’t escape once Harry’s book, Spare, was published.

Harry shared several details about the duo, mostly about his brother. He mentioned that William had sometimes slapped him. Moreover, Harry included their kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, in the story, which some people thought was excessive.

William and Kate needed more room after Prince George was born. They had to move to Kensington Palace. At the same time, Harry moved to Nottingham Cottage, which was next to his brother’s new home.

Harry soon started to feel that something was not right. The Duke authored a book where he shared his joy about moving to Nottingham Cottage, which is just a short walk from Kensington Palace. In fact, he described it as being “half a football pitch away”.

Harry said he was so close that he could hear William and Kate’s nanny pushing the stroller at any time.

He mentioned that it was “great to leave the old place, but even more wonderful to live in front of Willy and Kate,” and that he “could imagine myself visiting them frequently.”

Harry dreamed of visiting William and Kate, spending time with George, and playfully challenging his nephew to a duel. In his book, Harry shared more details about his life in the royal family, discussing his upbringing and expressing his thoughts on his relatives.

Prince George, Harry’s youngest nephew, received negative feedback from a royal expert for being referenced in the book. Harry mentioned that he wasn’t invited to William and Kate’s house to meet Prince George after he was born.

However, it didn’t stop there. He also revealed that Princess Charlotte cried at Meghan’s wedding. Critics argued that Harry invaded Charlotte’s privacy by sharing this information.

In an interview with The Telegraph to promote his book, Harry once again decided to talk about William and Kate’s three children. He expressed genuine concern about Princess Charlotte and Prince Luis, his niece and nephew, and their future, fearing that they might face similar challenges as he did.

Kate Middleton, prince William

Harry mentioned that even though he and William discussed it a few times and William made it clear that his kids are not Harry’s responsibility, Harry still feels responsible because he knows that at least one of the three children will end up like him, the spare.

It pains me and causes me concern.

Harry added: “I was born as a backup plan in case something happened to Willy. I was meant to provide distraction, diversion, and even be a spare part if needed. It was made clear to me from the beginning and reminded to me regularly.”

Prince William is next in line to become king after King Charles. Prince George will be king after William, followed by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Harry openly discussed William and Kate’s children for the first time, which is a rare occurrence. Ingrid Seward, a royal author, advised him to be cautious and not elaborate further on his comments.

She warned The Sun that Harry needs to stop talking about Prince William’s children and everyone else. It’s not right to discuss other people’s kids.

She also mentioned that Prince William’s words were correct, emphasizing that the responsibility lies with William and not with anyone else.

Harry should mind his own business. However, his habit of making snide remarks whenever he feels like it has become a threat to his family and himself.

It’s impossible to know how much George, Charlotte, and Louis understand about their family history. As they grow up, they will learn more, but for now, William and Kate want them to have a typical childhood.

It’s obvious that William and Kate had very different upbringings. While Princess Diana had a relatively normal childhood, William’s experience as the future king was undoubtedly unique. Additionally, William had to cope with the tragic loss of his mother, Princess Diana.

William and Kate often seek guidance from Kate Middleton’s parents on raising their children in a way that allows them to have a “normal” childhood.

Duncan Larcombe, a royal expert, states that William and Kate follow the “Middleton model” when it comes to raising their children. He also notes that they are devoted parents who provide a loving environment at home. Furthermore, William and Kate aim for their children to not only be their offspring, but also their companions.

When Kate was in her early twenties, she considered her parents as her best friends. William and Kate aim to have the same relationship with their children, but they also have to gradually introduce George, Charlotte, and Louis to the public, as mentioned by Larcombe in OK! magazine.

Prince George

The royal specialist mentioned that William and Kate wouldn’t have let Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis be seen in public if they could. Unfortunately, that’s not a realistic option.

Duncan explained that if the public doesn’t adore Prince George as a child, he will struggle to gain their affection later in life. When Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne, the nation had already developed a deep affection for Princess Elizabeth due to their empathy towards her.

The specialist mentioned that the Queen gained immense popularity and support from the public due to the untimely death of her highly esteemed father, who was an unexpected King.

Duncan stated that George’s upbringing differs significantly from Prince William’s. William has chosen to raise his children following the Middleton model, which entails having three children, parents who are both affluent and hard-working, and a household filled with love.

Kate mentioned that she had a wonderful grandmother who dedicated a significant amount of time to her, engaging in activities such as playing, creating arts and crafts, tending to the greenhouse for gardening, and cooking together.

I strive to include many of the experiences she provided us with back then in the experiences I offer my children today.

Kate Middleton, Prince William

William and Kate are striving to raise the royal children in a grounded manner, while also considering the future. Prince George is now embarking on the path of a future monarch.

As Prince George matures, he will need to fulfill numerous royal responsibilities in addition to attending various events. Naturally, he will be entrusted with a diverse array of tasks to oversee once he ascends to the throne.

It is believed that William and Kate are slowly disclosing to him the details of his future. Speculations suggest that George, similar to his father, will undoubtedly commence his full-time royal duties by the age of 35, if not sooner.

It is crucial for a future monarch to be prepared. Even though George and his brothers are likely to dedicate their lives to serving the king, it is also important for them to experience a typical upbringing.

Titles and formal greetings have long been a tradition within the Firm, showcasing a sense of regality. However, there is also a more affectionate aspect to this practice, as even the children partake in giving each other endearing nicknames.

Reports indicate that the Royal Family has a history of using nicknames. As per royal biographer Robert Lacey, Prince Philip affectionately called Queen Elizabeth “Cabbage.” Her close family members lovingly referred to her as “Lilibet.” This nickname was originally given to her when she was young due to difficulty in pronouncing her real name, Elizabeth.

Prince William

In the meantime, Harry commonly refers to Kate Middleton as “Cath”, whereas William is rumored to address his wife as “DoD”, an abbreviation for the “Duchess of Dolittle.”

George & Charlotte has their own nickname for William

It is evident that there are a multitude of nicknames that are utilized in the realm of royalty. The upcoming generation of royals is presently engaged in the task of devising nicknames for their family members.

Kate Middleton has revealed that Prince George affectionately called Queen Elizabeth “Gan-Gan,” as a shortened version of great-grandma. Additionally, it was later discovered that Princess Charlotte and George referred to Prince Charles as “Grandpa Wales,” and Prince William as “Pops.”

During his time as a student at Thomas’s Battersea School, Prince George was given a nickname based on his initials, “P.G.”

Many individuals commonly address their parents as “mom” and “dad,” or “mother” and “father.” Nevertheless, it seems that this convention does not hold true for the children of William and Kate within the Royal Family.

Prince George, Kate, William, Princess Charlotte

The royal family has chosen to bestow upon William a fresh moniker following his radio appearance, as reported by British television personality Ainsley Harriott. The new nickname is “Poachy, Poachy, Poachy.”

During the conversation with Radio 1, Harriott made a lighthearted remark about preparing a fish in the bathtub as a means of entertainment while bathing. Greg, on the other hand, expressed curiosity by asking if it was actually possible to cook a fish in such a setting. In response, I humorously replied that it could be done with a small seabass or plaice, or any similar type of fish. However, I pointed out that a thick piece of fish wouldn’t cook properly through poaching, so it wouldn’t be suitable for this method.

Harriott mentioned that Prince William and Kate were reportedly taking George and Charlotte to school, and they found it quite amusing.

Subsequently, William graced the airwaves and proclaimed, “The children adore it. They relished hearing your reference to consuming fish from the aquatic realm.”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte

Ainsley Harriott later changed his catchphrase from “Why hello there, Jill,” – which became famous after he made a surprise visit to an elderly woman’s home on live TV – to “Why hello there, Will.” Upon meeting William for the first time, he greeted him with “Poachy, Poachy, Poachy.”

George and Charlotte appear to have been greatly influenced by this, resulting in them bestowing their father and future king with a fresh nickname. “Now, George and Charlotte affectionately call their father Poachy. Isn’t that delightful and endearing?” inquired the television chef.

Throughout the years, Prince William has been known by various names. In his book Spare, Harry affectionately referred to his brother as “Willy”. Moreover, during his childhood, Princess Diana fondly called him “Wombat”.

In a 2007 interview, William disclosed that it all started when he was just two years old, during our family trip to Australia. The local animal there is the wombat, and somehow I ended up being called that. It’s not because I resemble a wombat, or perhaps I do, but that’s how the nickname came about.

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