“Gen Z says digital cameras are tricky to use.”


“Generation Z folks on TikTok are saying that using a digital camera to take pictures is harder than using a smartphone.”

“Earlier this year, PetaPixel shared a story about young TikTok users who found out that regular digital cameras are better than smartphones for photography. They wanted to know more about DSLR cameras.”

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“Now, Generation Z is using TikTok to talk about how tough it can be to have a digital camera as part of their group, and they’re sharing their frustration when it comes to uploading photos from a digital camera. It’s a new trend.”

‘I Work Day and Night!’

“In a funny TikTok trend, set to a scene from the 2016 movie ‘Hidden Figures’ where a character talks about working really hard, social media users are showing the difficult and time-consuming steps involved in owning a digital camera.”

“The popular trend seems to have kicked off in June by influencer Teresa Violet. In her first TikTok video, which got a whopping 8.8 million views, Violet humorously shows what it’s like ‘when you’re the friend with the digital camera and you come home after any social event.'”

“Violet records herself working hard as she takes out the SD card from her Sony Cybershot camera right after she comes back from a social event. Her friends, who are used to getting pictures instantly with their smartphones, are eager to see the photos.”

“Then, she demonstrates how she has to insert the SD card into a reader and patiently wait while the photo files transfer from the card reader to her computer.”

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“After Violet’s video, many other TikTokers shared similar experiences, complaining about having a digital camera in their circle of friends.”

“Other social media users created similar TikTok videos, offering a peek into the time-consuming process of uploading photos from a digital camera.”

@yviescarlet i work like a DOG day and NIGHT #digicam #digitalcamera #whatnow #nightout #girlhood ♬ original sound – Olivia Meets Her Match

“At the same time, influencer Yvie Scarlet expressed her frustration about being ‘the designated camera person’ and how her friends with smartphones keep asking her for the better photos from her digital camera after a night out.”

“TikToker Jake Termine also shared a video highlighting the issues with SD cards versus smartphones. He shared an incident when he brought a digital camera on a trip, and the memory card ended up failing.”

“But the pictures always look amazing with a digital camera.”

“In another TikTok video, viewed by five million people, Alexia Bryant shared her experience of working hard to upload photos from her Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 after a game day.”

“However, Bryant acknowledged that the inconvenience of using a digital camera instead of a smartphone was worth it because ‘the photos always turn out so well.'”

“In the past few years, improvements in smartphone photography have significantly impacted the camera industry. People no longer find it necessary to carry an additional, bulky camera, and from 2010 to 2021, global camera shipments plummeted by 93%.”

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