Friendship can lead people to get the rarest choices in the world; THE BEST MAN DOG.


The story is based on an injured veteran and his service dog. They have an unbelievable bond which made the veteran himself involve his beloved friend in his wedding in such an unexpected way.

The Veteran himself is a US army soldier from Silver Spring, Maryland, named Justin Lansford. He met with an accident while he was deployed in Afghanistan as a paratrooper. Justin told ABC News that it was an IED, flipped their truck with a huge blast. The accident caused his thighs to part, resulting in him losing his left leg.

Although he was disabled, he got a life-changing opportunity while he was at his treatments. A group named “Warrior Canine Connections” paired the wounded servicemen with support dogs, where Justin met his friend Gabe, a golden retriever.

Facing such a disaster, Justin needed much more from a second party to get used to his new lifestyle. According to Justin, Gabe has been the one greatest support to reform himself. Gabe would help Justin one after another in a chain of smaller tasks. In case Justin falls Gabe runs to him and creates support to get up off the ground. Justin further said that knowing there’s someone who would help him unlimited was very comfortable indeed.

More than the physical, the mental stability of a person with an injury gets frustrated. Just in case Gabe proved to become the best at emotional support as well as best at companionship for Justin. The first they met it was Gabe wiggling, crying, and rolling on the floor. From the day on they had been a great pair. “He’s there for me all day, every day”, said Justin for New York daily news.

Surpassing the mutual bond between the two, Gabe made a big impact on Justin’s long-time girlfriend, Carol, who was employed at Warrior Canine Connections. Carol knew it was a great connection of a supporting dog for an injured person to rebuild.

In 2015 when Justin and Carol got married, Justin was eager to make Gabe a major participant in the ceremony. In common, dogs are made to act as ring bearers or just guests at weddings, but Justin felt it a bit blind.So after a thought of time, Justin decided to grant the honorable position of the best man to his beloved supporter and friend Gabe. Justin told The Daily News that Gabe was everywhere and every time for him in support, So why wouldn’t he be beside him at the wedding?

Although it was a unique choice made by Justin, Carol had no exception to his idea. The two friends themselves are together everywhere and every time, so Carol felt that it must be the same at the wedding too. Carol also mentioned that Gabe had become a major part of their lives and deserved to share the moment with them.

Justin further described the moment said it was such a delight to have Gabe beside him. No one had a look of objection to the deed, but throughout the entire wedding, it was a lot of “Aww’s” full of surprise.

After all, letting Gabe be in such an important position on their special day depicted how grateful they are to Gabe and how much bond is created among them.

Besides, in our lives, relationships with animals could be supportive and pleasing to have. So don’t forget to love your animal friends.

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