Four strong mothers move into one home with their children; all four are single moms.


All four moms live with their children in the same house. Even though it sounds a bit unusual, the advantages are mind-blowing.

Have you ever heard the famous saying,” it takes a village to raise a child.” And what if you don’t have one? We should build it ourselves.

Holly Hopper and Herrin Hopper are good friends. Before getting married, they talked about buying an apartment in Vermont to live together with their children. And to allow their husbands to visit them only once in a while. It was just a fun conversation at the time, but eventually, it become a reality.

Both Holly and Herrin got divorced after a few years of marriage, and they were also single moms. Due to the pandemic, things were not going well for them. So, they decided to make the ” fund conversation,” a reality.

“Holly and I talked about the option and decided to move in together. We found a house in a week “, said Hopper to TODAY.
According to Harper, It’s her best decision, in a while, because it was not easy to live alone as a 40-year-old single mom. Her father passed away in early 2020, making things worse for her.

“I was helpless, and my life was burned down. I had nothing left, so I told Hemin, let’s just do this, “said Harper.

They bought a house in Maryland and soon moved in. The house was too big for them. Therefore, they decided to rent the basement. And another single mom named Leandra rented the basement. Hemin’s and Holly’s friend Jen was also looking for a house during the period. So, they decided to let her move in with them. Now, the house is complete.

“Our mutual understanding is great. We know what it feels like to be single mothers, so we help each other in any situation. I can be me here, I don’t have to pretend to be happy or anything. I love this,” said Hopper to TODAY.

When someone becomes a single parent, it is hard. They have lots of things to take care which could be overwhelming in creating situations. But these women have no problem with it, as they are willing to help each other whenever required,
it’s just amazing. When a woman becomes a mother, they get a lot of responsibilities. But these women together have shared these responsibilities, which benefited them a lot. Each of them gets to play and go for walks with their children without being concerned about the safety of the house, as they are always someone in the house.

And for the kids, the arrangements are just enjoyable. They love the fact that they have friends to play with all the time. “There’s always someone for them to play with, they are really happy to live together”, said Harper.

The kids are now like siblings. They are always together. It’s beautiful to see them enjoy, despite their fathers being away from them.

If you wonder how they organize everything, they sit together in the evening and discuss all issues related to the repairs, household expenses, and other important matters while drinking a glass of champagne.

They even named their house. It’s called the ”Siren House.”

“Sirens symbolize the feminist power. We’re not just four single moms living alone, we’re building a community. We bring people together with our siren song,” said Hopper.

Yes, they are helping all single moms out there to get up and fight against all odds. Moreover, they’re planning to expand the concept of co-housing to help them.

Watch these strong mothers talk about their unique but beautiful way of life in the video below.
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