Foster father decides to give a  a second opportunity for puppy born without front  legs rather than euthanizing him. 


The puppy Nobby wasn’t born with front legs. The sad puppy was just four hours old when the vet advised that euthanizing him would probably be best.

However, Nubby’s owner made a firm choice.

Nobby had a difficult childhood. He had problems getting to his mother to suckle because he was born without front legs. While Nubby’s mother welcomed him, his brothers kept him from eating.

Lou Robinson / Facebook

Additionally, the veterinarian decided that Nobby should be put to despite how heartbreaking it was. The young puppy was just four hours old at the time.

But Texas resident Lou Robinson, who along with her husband Mark has spent her life adopting and caring for abandoned and homeless dogs, wanted something different.

Lou Robinson / Facebook

They promptly made the decision to ignore the veterinarian’s advice and care for Nobby themselves. Nobby went home with Lou. She kept the dog under constant observation there with her spouse. Through a bottle, they provided him with nourishment. safety, and love.

It appeared that Nobby was doing well at first.

Lou Robinson / Facebook

“His ears expanded, and his eyes opened. Loui Robinson told The Dodo, “You could hear him bark, and he could smell and distinguish sounds.

Then, things began to alter.

Lou Robinson / Facebook

Nobby began sneezing unexpectedly when he was just over one month old. Small bubbles emerged from his nostrils and he was unable to poop any longer.

It was discovered through an X-ray that Nubby’s esophagus was damaged.

Lou Robinson / Facebook

In addition to receiving antibiotics, Nobby was put in an incubator. The situation was dire, but Nobby shown an extraordinary will and fighting spirit.

He persisted in trying. He battled. His foster parents battled to give him that chance as long as he had the chance to have a nice life.

Lou Robinson / Facebook

Fortunately, Nobby gradually improved. Three years later, this adorable young child has demonstrated that he truly is a survivor.

Yes, Nobby faces certain difficulties in life, but he has demonstrated to the entire world that anything is possible. Additionally, the Robinsons have set up his own Facebook page so that others may follow his.

Recent updates and pictures show that Nobby is in better shape than ever.

Lou Robinson / Facebook

He has developed into a powerful dog. He enjoys playing and appears to be interested in life and everything it has to offer. He even has a tiny wheelchair of his own, which makes it simpler for him to play and move around.

Nobby really is an inspiration! He may not be like everyone else, but he is proof that being unique is irrelevant.

Nobby has demonstrated that anything is possible with the support of Lou and Mark, despite the veterinarian’s recommendation that he be put to sleep.

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