Forty-five rhinoceros in South Africa were rescued from poachers by dogs specially trained to protect endangered wild animals.


A group of trained canines who guard South Africa’s wild animals has prevented the poaching of 45 rhinoceros.

Beagles and bloodhounds are abundant, among other dog breeds trained to deter traffickers from targeting threatened wildlife. Before dealing with poachers at one and a half years of age, the canines receive training from the newborn stage. First, they are taught how to manage all the stresses of actual situations.

Images of trained canines in practice at the Southern African Wildlife College in the Greater Kruger National Park have been supplied by Sean Viljoen, 29, a resident of Cape Town, South Africa. Aiming to convey the tales of individuals on the frontlines of protection and telling their experiences of optimism, he is the proprietor of a film production business named Conservation Film Company.

‘According to the information we receive for our practical learning initiative, it reveals that we have successfully avoided roughly 45 rhino killings since the trained canines became active in February 2018,’ said Johan van Straaten, a K9 Expert at the institution.

According to the Southern African Conservation School, “within the regions where the trained dogs monitor, the overall performance of the canines is about 68 % employing a combination of on and off leash tracking dogs. While the rate of success is only 3-5% in areas without canine capability.”

The ability of free-ranging canines to follow at rates considerably quicker than a person could in terrain where the finest human trackers might lose signal has made this huge difference.

As a result of the project, the initiative is assisting in protecting southern Africa’s diverse wildlife, particularly the endangered rhinos. As a result, they have successfully stopped many poaching attempts and other forms of wildlife criminalization. And this is vital because more than 80% of the rhino population on the planet is in South Africa.

Over the past ten years, more than 8,000 rhinoceros have died due to poaching, leaving it to be the state’s worst impact by the onslaught. The canines, including Belgian Malinois, Texan Black-and-Tan Coonhounds, Foxhounds, and Blue Ticks, are taught to assist in essential anti-poaching activities, including free-ranging, recognition, patrolling, and capturing poachers.

Precious Malapane and Robynne Wasps, two canine trainers who work with the “K9 squad quick reaction”, assist in training the anti-poaching canines. According to Johan van Straaten, dogs are trained from infancy and are socialized at a relatively young age.

They are taught to obey basic commands, bark at a human in the trees, and trace.

The canines possess the requisite expertise to execute the task at a young age. However, they are yet to be grown enough to manage the stresses of actual scenarios. Therefore, within six months, we formalize all their coaching.

At about 18 months of age, canines start to show functioning varies.

It’s revealed that 594 rhinoceros were killed in 2019, according to a study from Save The Rhino. The information was shared by the Department of Environment, Wildlife, and Fishery on February 3.

The frequency of poaching incidents topped in 2014 at 1,215 but has declined for the past five years.

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