Five fundamental tips for spending quality time with your children


Unfortunately, the adult life we imagine is not as straightforward or fun as we hope. As the years go by, we acquire many more responsibilities and disconnecting from that busy life full of commitments is impossible. That is why achieving a balance between work, responsibilities and quality time with our loved ones is of the utmost importance for our emotional health.

Today we see how many parents forget to be children with their children and immerse themselves in such a boring and complicated adult life that little by little, without realizing they lose the most beautiful moments in life. Our children will be little children only once in their lives, so it is essential to share different experiences and thus strengthen that bond that unites them.

In this article, we teach you how to spend quality time with your children based on five simple tips so that everyone can enjoy the moment.

1. Know their interests.

Many times parents, in the desire to spend more time with their children, forget that the little ones probably do not have the same interests as them. It is essential to take the time to understand our children and to know what they like and do not like to spend quality time with them. Sharing things in joint and fostering your own curiosities will benefit both of you and help you develop and communicate your interests. That they are taken into account is fundamental to forming their character.

2. Stay away from technology.

It is sometimes tricky, especially nowadays, to put aside the technology surrounding us, even if it is only for a while. It is important to change that attitude when we spend time with our children. When we are with them, our attention should be on what we do with them because even if you think you are doing everything right, leaving your daily activities aside, you are still not giving your little one the attention he deserves. Think about how you would feel if you were with your best friend telling her about a problem in your private life, and she is immersed in her mobile phone.

No one deserves to feel displaced by anything, much less by a technological device. So why do you think your son should accept it?

3. Find alternative ways to be present.

It is essential to find alternative ways to spend time with our children, for example, if we come home very late, we can read them a story before they go to sleep, or leave them a note that they can read in the morning and know that their parents are present. . It is imperative that your children feel loved, cared for and, above all, always taken into account. This is the basis of their self-esteem and self-esteem. Feeling a critical part of the pack is essential for their proper development.

4. Help them with their homework.

Another thing we can do to share time with our little ones is to help them with their homework. A double benefit, since we can spend time with them and teach them something that will serve them in the future, as long as we maintain a good attitude, remember that no one came into this world keeping all concepts clear, we must be patient and enjoy of process.

5. Let them help you with your things.

Parents also have homework, especially at home, it can be fixing something, cooking, cleaning and many other things. Another good way to share time with them is letting them help us do some of these things, don’t underestimate their abilities. They may surprise you. In addition, this whole path is about enjoying time with the most important beings in your life.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment on these five basic tips to spend more quality time with your children and tell us if you put any of them into practice.

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