Kate Middleton spotted in public for first time since abdominal surgery, claim onlookers


Kate Middleton has finally made her first public appearance since her surgery in January, after 84 days of rumors and speculation.

The speculation reached a peak last week following the controversy over the photo of Kate released for UK Mother’s Day. The image was pulled by major photo agencies due to concerns of manipulation – Princess of Wales confessed to editing it herself.

As a result, all manner of new questions were asked regarding Kate Middleton’s well-being. Remember, she hadn’t been seen since Christmas, and very little was said about her condition following the “planned abdominal procedure” she underwent at the London Clinic in late January.

Kensington Palace announced that Kate would resume her royal duties after Easter, but did not provide details on the surgery she needed.

Consequently, the public’s imaginations have been set free, leading to a surge of conspiracy theories on the internet. These theories vary from somewhat believable to completely absurd.

Perhaps, then, the first sighting of Kate Middleton in 84 days will go some way to putting the most outlandish batches of speculation to bed once and for all. As per reports, the 42-year-old was spotted at the weekend visiting her favorite farm shop – an outing that saw her venture just one mile from Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

According to The Sun, witnesses mentioned that Kate seemed “joyful, calm, and in good health” while she was looking at items in the store. One individual even expressed their surprise at seeing her.

A witness mentioned that despite the rumors, they were surprised to see Kate out shopping with William. Kate appeared happy and healthy. The children were not with them, but it was a positive sign that she was well enough to go shopping.

As mentioned earlier, there haven’t been any recent sightings of Kate for several months now, and the Royal Family has chosen to keep quiet about the reasons behind her health issues.

Typically, that’s normal for The Firm, and people are accustomed to being kept in the dark by the Royal Family whenever they want to hide something.

However, in this case, keeping things secret has definitely caused more harm than good. Royal supporters from all around the globe are convinced that there is more to Kate’s condition than what meets the eye.

It’s great to hear that the Princess is well enough to leave her home again after a worrying time.

Let’s all send our well wishes to Kate Middleton for a quick recovery! If you’re glad to hear that she’s getting better, feel free to share this article.

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