62-year-old Billy Ray Cyrus marries 34-year-old bride Firerose – fans upset by one little detail


After 62-year-old Billy Ray Cyrus tied the knot for the third time to his 34-year-old bride, Firerose he shared pictures of the wedding day. Some fans noticed one detail that made them very angry..

Billy Ray Cyrus, the singer of “Achy Breaky Heart,” married his third wife, singer Firerose, in October 2023.

The engagement rumors started swirling when she shared a picture on September 13, 2022, showing a diamond ring on her finger. It was later disclosed that Billy had proposed a few months before.

Firerose recalled how Billy asked her to marry him, saying she immediately said yes because she loves him. Billy expressed his love for her and his desire to be with her forever.


They initially crossed paths around 12 years ago when he was shooting for Hannah Montana and she came for an audition for a role in the show.

Billy remembered the first time they met. He said, “There were some old pine trees on the property that made me think of Tennessee. Tex, my dog, and I used to go out there during the day, and he would run around. We would relax, and I would think about how I missed Tennessee. Then, on that day, Firerose came out of the front door. It was like there was a moment of connection. I thought to myself, ‘This girl is special.'”

He went on to say, “She told me about her audition, and I replied, ‘I’m sure you nailed it.'”

Firerose missed out on the role, but they remained connected.

Billy mentioned that the casting agents, producers, and writers were all present at the location where Hannah Montana was filmed. He warned someone not to accept offers from strangers, but in this particular situation, Tex would vouch for their safety.

Billy shared that he would introduce someone to a producer, allowing them to watch rehearsals and potentially make a connection at Disney. They all went back to the studio together, where the person met the cast, producers, and writers. Eventually, they became friends.

In August 2022, he asked her to marry him, and shortly after, she started living with him.

Billy, 62, was previously married to Tish Cyrus for 28 years before marrying Firerose, 34. Together, they have five children: Miley, Noah, Brandi, Trace, and Braison. Billy also has another child named Christopher Cody, whom he had with Kristen Luckey, his former partner before Tish.

Firerose, a singer-songwriter, and her husband have worked together on different projects. Their latest release is a music collaboration, a cover of “Silent Night,” along with a music video for their fourth single called “Plans.” This exclusive premiere was done by People magazine.

“Plans” is an incredibly uplifting song filled with love and enthusiasm. Each person on set gave their best performance. I can’t wait for fans to witness the amazing creation we made!

After posting pictures from their wedding, Firerose and Billy got many messages from fans congratulating them. People couldn’t help but notice Billy’s hair and shared their thoughts on it.

One person wondered, “Couldn’t he have at least brushed his hair for the occasion?” Another person asked, “He couldn’t find a comb?!” Someone else joked, “With all that money, no hairbrush?!”

The happy couple receives our congratulations.

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