Fireman delivers 1st grandbaby after daughter stops in for quick bathroom break.


Things didn’t happen as expected. ?

Hannah Langston was heading to the birthing center, but her baby had other plans and decided not to be born there.

The baby is ready to be born somewhere other than where they currently are.

Hannah, who is 18 years old, was starting to have labor pains and was going to the birthing center with her husband Christopher and her mom April.

Hannah had never had a baby before.

They predicted that the work would take a long time, maybe even a few days.

Hannah needed to use the restroom right away.

They stopped at the Austell Fire Station on their way to the birthing center to use the restroom.

When Hannah got out of the car, she realized it was time to have the baby. The baby was ready to be born, and it had to happen right away.

Hannah and her baby were safe and cared for, as they were at a fire station – the same fire station where Hannah’s dad, Bret, worked.

Who do you think helped deliver his own granddaughter?

You guessed it. It was Grandpa Bret!

Little Adalyn was born at the fire station ten minutes after they arrived.

Hannah said, “I thought to myself, this isn’t what we planned at all!”

Bret had delivered a baby before. They wanted to know how the mothers and babies were doing afterwards.

He got information directly this time.

Hannah was surprised when she had to give birth to Adalyn at the fire station.

Hannah and her family weren’t shocked at all now.

April, her mother, said she jokes with people about her daughter’s surprise birth. It was unexpected and unusual, but a blessing and she wouldn’t change it. Everything went well.

Bret wasn’t the only firefighter who was filled with joy.

Around twelve firefighters were working when Adalyn was born. They were thrilled to witness such a special moment.

Mitch Parrott, a fire captain from Austell, said it was a surprise, but he was glad the baby was born in a place where everyone was like family.

Captain Parrott said that they were more than just coworkers, as they spent a big part of their lives together. He said that they were like family.

Their family has gotten bigger by one person.

Grandpa Bret said that she will always have a place at the table, and normally the new person has to wait until everyone else has been served, but he thinks she should go first.

Although it was an unpleasant experience, Hannah gained a lot of insight about herself that day.

Hannah said she was much stronger than she had originally thought and felt even more so now after giving birth at a fire station.

Being a mother will take a lot of strength.

Hannah returned Adalyn to the station after twelve days.

She promised to take her to the station often to see her grandpa and the firefighters who helped bring her into the world.

It will be exciting for Adalyn to see the place where she was born.

Adalyn is a very popular baby.

Watch the video and you’ll meet the newest honorary firefighter!

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