Firefighters calm down scared little girl at crash scene by asking her to paint their nails


Firefighters not only save lives and put out fires, but they also have a crucial role in reassuring their community that everything will be okay after any incident.

Firefighters regularly engage with individuals who have gone through a traumatic experience, whether it’s a car accident or a house fire.

In these situations, having exceptional people skills and a strong, comforting presence is absolutely essential.

The scenario for two firefighters was that… who showed that treating oneself to a manicure can be a surprisingly masculine act.

Chief Allen Hadley and Captain Kevin Lloyd from the North Davis Fire Department in Utah responded to a car accident. They found a young girl crying, even though she was not injured in the crash.

The firefighters comforted her and lifted her spirits. They started talking to her when they saw she had two bottles of nail polish. They even recommended she paint her nails with them!

The firefighters probably don’t get their nails done often, but it was a thoughtful gesture that gave the girl something to focus on during the disaster.

And amazingly, it worked wonders.

The child quickly started painting their nails calmly and forgot about the recent accident, as stated by the North Davis Fire District on Facebook.

Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd did an excellent job by delivering outstanding customer service to a young citizen.

Commenters praised the firefighters for their compassionate actions. One person wrote, “Strong enough to wear purple and not worry. Great work!”

A small, kind gesture can truly brighten someone’s day and bring them joy.

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