End of the suffering of 20 years to the real-life Paddington with a perfect Habitation. Cholita the bear, or else the real-life Paddington, spent 20 years of her life in a small prison-like cage. The tragedy ended with Chotila getting freedom and a home in the Peruvian jungle.

Life didn’t go in the way of Chotila before the rescue.

Before being rescued by the Peruvian government, Cholita spent more than ten years of her life in a manufactured hell. She was taken away from her family when she was tiny and was prisoned in a cage where she could not even move (Sized 5ft by 5ft). Cholita was subjected to much physical suffering during these ten years and made defenseless by removing her teeth and cutting off her nails. She went entirely bald due to severe skin infections during this time. 

Ending the ten years of suffering, she was in the safe hands of the Peruvian government.

Although it took ten more years for Cholita to find her freedom since she had to spend the next ten years of her life in a zoo and her health conditions were becoming worse with time, it was another ten years of loneliness and suffering in her life. 

In 2015, Cholita was taken to the ADI (Animal Defenders International) Spirit of Rescue Freedom Center. The journey to the premises was a delightful experience for Chotila that she enjoyed a lot. It was a two-day journey with delicious fruits and, she got to roll around in thick straw, which she loved a lot.

The veterans checked Cholita’s health condition at the center. 

She was suffering from a respiratory problem and poor mobility. Not only her physical health but also her mental health was also highly affected. Luckily, after a bath and a natural meal for the first time in life, Cholita showed signs of improved health.

With the improvement seen, ADI began to find the perfect home for her. It was a lot of effort and time. Finally, The Taricaya Ecological Reserve on the edge of the Tambopata reserve in Amazon Cloud Forest was chosen as Chotila’s new home (Tambopata reserve was a natural sanctuary for spectacled bears).

Not only the natural habitat, teams from ADI, Taricaya, and Projects Abroad built a bathing pool and cave in the sanctuary.

She was taken to the reserve in September of 2015 by the team at ADI and the workers at Taricaya. After an adventurous and joyful journey, they reached their destination after four days. Cholita finally got the freedom she had been looking for for years and was delighted at her new home. 

She got to live the life she deserved at the reserve, exploring the jungle and hanging around with other spectacled bears. 

The dark chapter of the real-life Paddington was to an end thanks to the fantastic people from ADI. As we all like, Cholita was able to spend her golden years of life happy and free with a happy ending.

Need to see more about Cholita, check out the video below!

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