Father, who serves in the military, reunites with his daughter with a sweet surprise, the daughter bursts into tears of joy.


Children need to have their parents with them until they grow up. There is no more heartbreaking thing for a child than living away from his\her parents. Sadly, the majority of children whose parents serve in the military have to go through it.

Most of the time, they will not have their mom or dad by their side in most important events in life. And sometimes, they have to wait for years to see their mom’s or dad’s face.

U.S.Army Sgt. First-class Jason Webb is one such parent who lives a long distance away from his daughter Haley. When he returned home after 2-years of deployment, the first thing he wanted to do was, meet her daughter and hug her. But, without going straight to Haley, he planned a huge surprise that she will always cherish.

According to the plan, the surprise took place at Haley’s middle school during the Veterans day celebration.

As Haley was performing in the assembly, she wanted her dad to show up very badly. She even requested her dad a few days earlier to attend the celebration somehow.

But Jason, who wanted to surprise her, informed her that he won’t be able to attend the celebration on that day. Even though Haley was desperate, she completely understood her father and got ready for the event.

Jason asked Haley’s principal if he could get help to surprise her daughter. Jason received a positive response immediately.

It’s revealed that Jason was already granted leave even before Haley requested him to attend the celebration. Jason kept it a secret to surprise Haley.

The event day came, and the plan was underway. Haley, who was in eighth grade was playing her instrument as a part of the school band that day. After finishing their performance, Haley was asked to read the introduction and welcome the special guest at the event.

Haley started to feel something fishy as the introduction included their special guest’s career achievements.

While she was reading the introduction, she started to believe that it was about her father, but at the same time, she dismissed the thought as she thought that her father was still deployed in Korea.

The thought that it’s about her father was coming up in her mind endlessly as she was reaching the end of the introduction.

And after the reading was finished she looked up to the audience and immediately got teared up. She saw her father standing in the audience and she couldn’t resist crying.

The atmosphere filled with a heartwarming vibe as she started to cry.

Jason started to walk toward Haley and Haley cried, even more, realizing that her father was really there. As Jason went close to her, Haley hugged him as tight as possible. Even though Jason tried to cheer her up by asking, “Did you get surprised honey?”, Haley couldn’t stop crying.

The majority of the audience who was working this emotional event was teared up too. There’s no wonder that Haley kept crying because she met her father after a long time. According to Jason he was deployed for most of Haley’s early childhood and missed a lot of important events in his little girl’s life.

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