Father raises quadruplets alone as his wife dies, giving birth to their children.


“Do you know how I stay strong, going through everything? I have four big reasons, that’s why.”

Think of having quadruplets. What do you think it would be like? I’m sure that it would be intimidating.

And visualize having to raise all four babies alone. Can you even imagine how hard it would be?

Carlos Morales had to go through the exact situation as his wife died after giving birth to quadruplets.

Yes, it’s a sad and tragic scenario, but it’s the reality. Even though it was a huge loss, Morales didn’t stay down. He realized that he should be strong to raise his children, Carlos Jr., Tracy, and twins Erica and Pasley. The birth of his children and the death of his beloved wife happened on the 15th of January, 2015. Erica Morales died from a hypovolemic shock eight hours after giving birth.

“Hypovolemic shock is a critical condition where severe blood loss prevents the heart from pumping enough blood to the body,” says the Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia.

Although Morales went through this tragic scenario alone, he got help and a lot of love from society. More than $ 486 000 was raised through GoFundMe. And the comedian Steve Harvey donated $ 10 000 per child provided by Sallie Mae for the college expenses of the children in the future.

One year later, on the children’s first birthday, they celebrated it with a party, but it was a roller coaster ride with emotions for Morales as it was also his wife’s first death anniversary. “I’m celebrating their birthday, but also lost my wife, it is hard,” said Morales.

The party was held at a local playground. The quadruplets and Morales were surrounded by family and friends. According to the family, even though Morales is a busy warehouse supervisor, he always takes time to spend with his children and gives each child an equal amount of attention.

Morales said, “I wish she was here. She would’ve loved all this, and I’m sure, the party would’ve been way bigger than this. Things she wished are now a reality, but the only person missing is also her.”

Before the party started, Morales’s family and friends did a 30-minute memorial walk in remembrance of his wife Erica.

30-year-old Morales pushed the strollers with the children in them, as they walked. He told the children stories about their mother, so they know “how wonderful she was.”

The help and support Morales receives from his family and friends are the foundation of his strength. Even though, he always remembers his wife he stays strong with the help of his peers.

“I am always accompanied by someone, and I should say this, it helps a lot to get through and stay strong. But my heart always says, I wish she was here to see our babies grow up,” Morales said.

Erica’s mom moves in with him to help out as Morales went to work in the daytime. “Life is short, and everything doesn’t go as planned. I just think of living happily in the present with my cute babies, family, and friends.”

“I still remember the day we met first at a nightclub it was love at first sight,” he said. “I asked her to dance with me, and she said yes, even though I didn’t speak any English and she didn’t speak any Spanish. I gave my number to her, but she didn’t accept it. But we met a few more times again, and after some beautiful events we married in Las Vegas a year later,’ he added.

“We planned our future for years to enjoy this together. But here I am, alone. I’m being strong for her because I can’t let her down.”

Watch the video below to know more about Morales’s story. And don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

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