Family moves to a tent: “in this way we save and feel much freer”


The beauty of the world lies precisely in the variety of individuals who inhabit it . Everyone conceives of their existence differently, but above all the model of life is not the same for everyone . Some like to live in the city surrounded by the constant buzz of people walking through the numerous streets or by the noise of cars , others, on the other hand, want to live in quiet places away from the noise and frenzy of the city. When you live in a situation you don’t particularly love, is to have the courage and strength to change .

This family has decided to leave their home and go live in a tent . This not only allows them to constantly change where they live, but also to save a lot by minimizing costs.

She is Zoe Foster , an artist, and together with her husband Matt, she had the courage to change her life and move into a tent. They left the three-bedroom Northumberland bungalow and went to live in a tent and a van with the characteristics of a camper. When they made this choice it was just the two of them, but, during this long period, they expanded their family. The woman gave birth to their first child in the van , while she gave birth to their second child on a boat.

As long as the children were small they chose to settle in a rental property in Devon , but as they grew up, they decided to set out on their path again and return to constantly changing locations . ” I am an adventurer, and for a long time I have not been happy . Living like this is so liberating and I like not having bills , which continually come from the letterbox “

It all started when Zoe fed up with her job as an academic editor, left everything to start her jewelry business around the world. She and Matt have given up on stability and embarked on this new adventure . But the thing that surprises them most is the amount of money they can save, because if it is true that camping costs as much as rent, they manage to avoid all other expenses. ” The thing we love most is always living in contact with nature “.

Would you have made the same choice as her ?

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