Family can’t stop laughing when a lost dog comes home with a ribbon she won at a dog show.


Evidently, Bonnie’s excursion was full of adventures.?

One family nearly lost their pet Beagle/Beagle Mix dog forever. But they did not anticipate that their dog would return with a present for them as well!

Bonnie, a Beagle mix owned by Peter and Paula Closier, had vanished on a Sunday and the couple was petrified to death that she would never return.

Despite being a five-year-old strong and healthy puppy, the dog’s owners do not want the beagle to roam the neighborhood on its own.

Later that day, when the dog got back home, their anxieties were allayed.

But Bonnie didn’t return the same way she went. She was wearing a yellow bow around her neck., which Peter and Paula noticed as she ran in their direction.

The puppy took third place in a dog show, according to the ribbon! The pair later learned the truth about her prize after they became perplexed by it.

John Wilmer found the beagle mix on his way to a dog show in Surrey.

He didn’t know the dog’s owners, and he pondered who they were. He had an idea while en route to the performance.

He contemplated taking the beagle to the dog show since he was ready to enter his own dog. Who knows if she will succeed? John brought two additional canines to the show.

He still had time to tell Bonnie’s friends on Facebook that he had found her even though he was already running late for the concert. He ultimately made the choice to enter her in the “Best Rescue Dog” category and bring her in.

And it’s true—Bonnie even took home third place! Bonnie almost appeared to have left the house in order to win.

On the other hand, Peter and Paula happened to see John’s Facebook post and were very happy to learn that Bonnie is in good hands. Later that day, Bonnie ran back to the couple and jumped into their arms. This time, she had a gift for them.

Bonnie wore the ribbon with pride, and so are her parents, who are also very proud of her. But the fact that they were sick with worry still stands.

Peter and Paula are now more watchful when it comes to taking care of Bonnie as a result of the experience.

Even if Bonnie just has a bronze medal right now, she still has a good chance of taking home the gold the following time, right? Will her parents consent for her to participate in the competition once more?

Paula answered, “We might. They are clearly enjoyable to her.

Well, if Bonnie could place third without much effort, imagine what she could do with enough repetition. This dog is quite talented.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Bonnie gets another chance to perform on the show. If she leaves the house with her parents and doesn’t leave on her own, that is.

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