Fake Cop pulls over a car full of real police detectives.


This sure wasn’t his finest moment, but it was definitely fun for the rest of us. This is justice at its finest. As people, we tend to do things that we are not quite proud of.

Then there’s this guy.

We commit foolish and petty mistakes or crimes that seem hilarious when we look back on them. We just had a good laugh thinking how stupid we were. Jokes on you if you did it more than once.

Well, we learn from our mistakes most of the time. But nothing is more stupid than when you fall victim to your own mistakes.

But some of us get hit the moment we make our mistake, and boy, it hurts.

Some say it’s karma, while some say it’s purely bad luck. Anyway, we believe that fate has a way of balancing things out. Bad things could happen to bad guys too.

This New Yorker believed he could pull off a scam.

Well, the jokes were on him.

25-year-old Valery Potluck from Hickville, New York, dressed as a cop and drove a black car with emergency lights one day.

He saw a white van ahead of him and blared his air horn in hopes that the driver would pull over.

As he got near the van, the passengers in the white van identified themselves as Valiery, and realized he had pulled over the wrong car.

The white van was full of detectives. Although the Nassau County law enforcement officers were very happy to see Valiery that day as they were out looking for him. The NCPD had received reports of a man driving a black car impersonating a police officer. It’s like Valiery got a taste of his own medicine.

According to officers, Valiery had attempted to flee the scene.

He veered the car and sped away in the opposite direction. He didn’t care about causing harm to other people on the road.

It was like one of those car chase scenes from movies. The detectives reported this to the police, and the police were now on the lookout for Valiery.

Valiery could drive up to Long Island before the cops caught and took him in. It must have been pretty hilarious, real cops arresting a fake cop.

Valiery was charged with 3 major violations.

He was charged with first-degree criminal impersonation, second-degree reckless endangerment, and unlawful fleeing from a police officer. He was also accused of several additional violations in a moving vehicle.

The neighbours of Valiery were always suspicious of him. They observed him always busy with his car. He would spend days working on blue and red flashlights and installing them on the vehicle. The neighbours were glad he was arrested.

Unlucky for him, his plan backfired, and he ended up in jail.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time this happened. There are multiple reports of fake cops pulling over real cops accidentally.

Yes, it happens more than you think.

What are your thoughts about this incident?

Do you also find it hilarious as much as we do?

Learn more about this great moment of justice in the video below!

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