Everyone who knew her laughed at her after someone snapped a photo of her as she fell inside the grocery store.


You may have come across the picture of the lady falling in the store. It happened in 2012. Once the caption was included, the original photo went viral and turned into a famous meme.

After admitting that she is the woman in the picture, Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson discussed her brief moment of fame, referring to it as “Her 15 Minutes of FAME” in the following manner:

These are my 15 minutes in the spotlight. You might have come across the photo. The most unfortunate part is that it gives the impression that a plus-sized lady tumbles out of a stroller due to her unwillingness to step out and grab the juice she desires to purchase.

“I am suffering from a severe spinal condition where one of the vertebrae has shifted out of place.”

“The disease primarily manifests through symptoms of bodily and leg weakness. Consequently, I face the challenges of obesity and chronic depression. Coping with my illness is a daily battle, despite my efforts to combat it by joining a gym. However, my weight continues to pose a significant hurdle.”

In 2012, I captured this photo during a time when my legs were causing me a great deal of pain. To alleviate the discomfort, I resorted to using a stroller. On that particular day, I had a strong desire to purchase some juice for my husband, as he had a penchant for consuming it in large quantities.

“As I bent down to grab it, the stroller slid away. I didn’t dwell on it much since I’ve grown accustomed to hearing hurtful remarks from others.”

Just because my disabilities aren’t visible doesn’t mean they don’t exist. So, when you come across images of people mocking others, keep in mind that you have no idea what struggles they may be dealing with. Making fun of someone is always hurtful, no matter what.

I don’t expect anyone to embrace obesity as it leads to various health issues. However, I also don’t seek sympathy or pity from anyone.

I desire compassion, empathy, and regard for my fellow human beings. I am an individual – kindly treat me with the same consideration!

If you believe in the message of this woman, please share these words. They are incredibly important!

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