Everyone leaves plane except lady who cried the entire flight, ‘I must see the pilot’ she said


“Ma’am, do you need help?” asked a flight attendant, seeing Linda weeping for a long. “No, I’m fine….” But Linda was not. She recalled the pilot’s voice, again and again, crying like a child. She cried for an entire journey. Nobody was interested to know why. Five hours later, the flight landed, and everyone except Linda got off the plane. The stewardess saw the woman was still seated and walked over to her. “Ma’am, we arrived…Do you need help with your bag?” “No, I’m not getting down! I MUST SEE THE PILOT! I’m not moving from here until I see him!” Full story in the comments.

Linda felt sad as she prepared to go to her parents’ graves. Even though these visits brought her some solace, they also served as a reminder that the two individuals she cherished the most were no longer with her.

After getting on the plane, she began to cry. The people on the flight saw that she was upset, but no one went up to her to check if she was okay.

As the plane ascended, she listened to the pilot welcoming the passengers. Recognizing a familiar voice, Linda burst into tears even more. At this moment, the people sitting beside her became more worried.


The flight attendant came up to her and offered assistance, but Linda declined. However, all Linda could express was her excitement to meet him.

The attendant asked again, “What, ma’am?”

Linda was angry and asked, “Could you stop bothering me? I need some space.”

Linda cried for the rest of the flight.

Upon landing, all passengers were ready to exit the plane except for Linda. She insisted on staying in her seat and requested to speak with the pilot.


The flight attendant noticed that the lady was still sitting and approached her.

Madam, we have arrived… Do you require assistance with your luggage?

“No, I’m not getting down! I MUST SEE THE PILOT! I’m not moving from here until I see him!”

“Ma’am, what is it? You can’t stay on the plane for a long time after it has landed. Please, you’ll need to disembark now…”

“I said I want to meet the pilot. It’s urgent. Please try to understand,” pleaded Linda.

“Okay, I’ll tell him. Please wait here.”


The pilot agreed to meet a woman who wanted to see him before she passed away. But when he finally saw her, his smile disappeared.

“YOU?! I have nothing to say to you,” he said as he tried to exit the plane.

“They would be proud of you, just like the way I was the moment I heard your voice when this flight took off,” said Linda. “Alex, wait, please don’t go…I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”

Alex seemed puzzled as he inquired from Linda how she could still identify his voice after so many years.

I could pick out your voice from a huge crowd. I adore you, Alex.

Alex expressed relief upon hearing those words after waiting for years. It would have been easier if you had apologized sooner.


Linda and Alex were siblings, but their relationship soured after their parents passed away.

Alex had always aspired to be a pilot, yet his father never backed his dream. His father doubted Alex’s potential as a pilot and refused to invest in his education, deeming it unworthy.

Linda and Alex inherited everything from their parents after they tragically passed away in a car accident. However, Alex had to wait until he turned 18 to receive his share of the inheritance. Alex desperately pleaded with Linda to support his dream of becoming a pilot, but she adamantly refused. Linda believed it was more important to use the money to buy a house and a car instead. She also wanted to honor their father’s wish, as he had never wanted Alex to pursue a career in aviation.

Alex informed Linda that he didn’t want to see her, handed over all the money, and declared he would achieve his dream independently before saying goodbye and moving in with his grandparents.


He cut all ties with his sister and hadn’t seen her in years.

Alex, can you please give me an opportunity? I’m here to pay respects to our parents at their graves. It would mean a lot if you could accompany me. They will be watching over us from above, feeling proud of you.

Linda begged Alex to stay, but he walked away without looking back. She felt disappointed as she got off the plane, hoping to make amends with Alex, but he never showed up. With a heavy heart, she took a taxi to visit her parents’ graves on the 20th anniversary of their death.


She couldn’t believe what she was seeing as tears filled her eyes. “Alex?” she whispered, spotting him by their parents’ graves.

Linda, I want you to know that I forgive you. We shouldn’t dwell on what happened in the past. I have moved on, and I hope you can too, okay?!

Linda’s eyes welled up with tears of happiness as she hugged Alex tightly. Side by side, they laid wreaths on their parents’ graves, standing quietly for a moment in respectful memory.

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