Every day, a 95-year-old man rides his bike 10.5 miles to visit his beloved wife at the hospice.


Burkhardt is happy to bike for 2 hours if it means he can spend time with his wife. ❤️

Yes, I will definitely do it. Nothing can prevent me.

It’s impossible to understand the depth of someone’s love for another person.

A 90-year-old man recently became popular on the internet because of something that many people in love would be jealous of.

Peter Burkhardt from the Netherlands demonstrated what true love really means.

We’re not talking about the big things that usually show up on social media. It’s about the small, simple things.

Burkhardt rides his tri-wheeled cycle through the crowded city.

He makes a one-hour trip to Apeldoorn every day, with all the necessary safety equipment. This journey allows him to visit his wife of 63 years, who is receiving hospice care.

Burkhardt is happy to ride his bike for two hours each way to be able to spend time with his wife.

The cold weather didn’t make him feel down.

He said in a video that he could always put on his skiing gear to protect him from the weather.

When it gets colder and more difficult for experienced bikers, Burkhardt takes a taxi.

If his children are able, they take him to the see grand mother.

He told the Dutch news outlet De Stentor that he had to accept things as they were, and he just wanted to be with her every day.

“I really miss her. I drove for a while but I also rode my bike regularly..”

He has been doing this for 7 years.

He thought about driving to his wife, but he wasn’t able to get his license.

He doesn’t have a car either, and gas can be expensive these days.

Burkhardt cannot be prevented from visiting his wife.

If you really want something, you’ll find a way to get it.

A tricycle was the form in which it came for Burkhardt.

Burkhardt says his wife isn’t aware of how hard he tries to come and see her.

He feels much better after his wife gives him a hug. His tiredness quickly vanishes.

Besides the duration of the journey, Burkhardt wanted to make people more aware of the state of the bike lanes.

The lanes are good, but there is still space to make them better.

If a 90-year-old man can make the journey alone, it is proof that these routes have been planned out very well.

The video was put on Reddit and got a lot of notice.

Commenters suggested that because of his biking experience, he could be in better shape than the majority of people on the website.

People suggested that cities and governments should create ways to help elderly people visit each other more easily and safely.

Their kids wanted them to keep doing the same thing every day.

I believe that they depend on each other to stay alive.

Wouter said he hopes his father will inspire other people with this.

Burkhardt told the local news outlet that he wanted to see and hear her voice. As soon as he entered the nursing home, he knew exactly where she was. However, she was not the same as before.

But I still have feelings for her.

Press the video button below to find out more about this nice tale.

90 year old man drives his bicycle 2 hours everyday to visit his wife in the hospice.
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