Employee lets homeless kids watch cartoons through the display case.


The tender moment was shared on Twitter. In the video, we see some children living on the streets, sitting and watching a store’s display television. A friendly employee came out to play any cartoon they wanted, something he does every night.

In the world, when a person integrates into life within a society, it is normal to live without paying attention to what surrounds us. We have worries about work, we stress about money, and we lose motivation as time passes because it is common to feel despair. It reaches a point where we stop paying attention to others and see only ourselves.

Negativity can take over our thoughts and make us forget to appreciate the little beautiful things in life.

Values ​​such as empathy and solidarity give us hope in humanity. Even now, we can meet people who put them into practice through different actions, no matter how big or small.

A video was broadcast on social networks where the protagonist is a clear example of solidarity.

The Twitter account “Kaptan Hindustan” shared a video where we saw a store manager with two children. The little ones live on the streets, and the manager did not hesitate to give them a moment of happiness.

The recording begins outside an electronics store, where the children diligently watch television through the window. At that moment, the store manager came out with the control and selected a children’s program called Talking Tom and Friends, which was the one the children wanted to see.

A gesture that, according to the user, is quite a custom. “Shop manager lets homeless kids choose what to watch on TV screen every night,” he tweeted.

The man’s good deed has moved several users on the social network, as seen in the comments they have left. “Humanity empowers us to greet our life and our life should not be selfish. Thank you very much to the seller”, “That was the best thing I have seen today. The store manager made the children very happy with his kind gesture”, “Beautiful gesture”, “It’s good to see someone showing empathy. Very moving” and “How generous of you!” Some responded to the video, which has accumulated 797,000 views.

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