The Woman Who Identifies as a Dog: Embracing Her True Self


Meow, an American lady, has caught the interest of numerous people due to her extraordinary way of life – completely identifying herself as a dog. Recently, she made an appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on KIIS FM, where she revealed intriguing insights about her daily life as a dog.

Meow the Dog Girl

Meow shared her unique lifestyle during the interview. She talked about sleeping in a crate, enjoying dog treats, and depending on her ‘handlers’. Meow, a well-known social media personality who streams on Twitch, proudly considers herself a Dalmatian. She fully embraces her inner canine by barking and running on all fours.

Meow finds comfort and safety in sleeping inside a crate rather than a bed. The crate is decorated with soft pastel blankets and pillows, making it a cozy space that helps her feel secure during the night.

Meow, the dog, sees herself as a ‘dog girl’ and has always been fascinated by the joy and fun that comes with being a dog. She desires to keep that magical outlook on life, even as she grows older.

Meow clarified that she doesn’t have a boyfriend but has “handlers” who fulfill similar roles. These handlers are her friends and help her with different tasks like going on walks and practicing training exercises. Although their relationship is not romantic, they have shared interests and support each other’s unique lifestyles.

Meow likes a variety of treats like shredded chicken, jerky, and dog biscuits. Sometimes she eats dog food, but she likes to mix in bone broth for extra flavor.

Meow embraces her unique lifestyle, feeling a strong connection to her primal instincts which she believes enhances her humanity. She wholeheartedly embraces her dog identity and disregards the thoughts of others. Her Instagram account, under the username meowdalyn, showcases her remarkable life and has attracted over 11,000 followers.

Meow’s story emphasizes the variety of human identity and how people express themselves in unique ways. Although her lifestyle may appear strange to some, it reminds us of the significance of embracing our authentic selves, regardless of societal norms.

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