Elephants ruined more than 300 banana trees, leaving one untouched that had a bird’s nest.


While the elephants destroyed the man’s garden, a banana tree with a sparrow’s nest and baby birds stayed strong.

A group of wild elephants destroyed a banana plantation in Tamil Nadu, India, leaving behind only one tree with a bird’s nest and its babies inside.

People are loving the elephant’s behavior, which was shared widely on the internet.

Thanthi TV reported that five wild elephants left Vilamundi Forest and came to the town of Sathyamangala in Erode district, causing an event.

Reports say that the elephants went into Krishnasamy’s yard and ruined more than 300 of his banana plants.

The guy and some other people from the village went to look at a plot of land that had been damaged. They were surprised to find something special and wonderful – a tall tree with baby sparrows in the nest, still standing strong.

Many viewers were surprised to see that even though the elephants were angry, they showed tenderness. They were often referred to as “gentle giants” by many people.

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