Elephant that has spent more than 40 years being compelled to entertain tourists finally experiences freedom.


“He has served the public for more than forty years, and he deserves to be free,”

Elephants are among the most intelligent and docile mammals in the world.

Especially in nations like Thailand where they are prized animals, they typically reside in the wild.

Elephants have also been caught and chained for amusement purposes, though.

The fabled Thai bull elephant Thong Bai is one of these sad animals. For more than 40 years, the stately elephant has gained national renown and delighted tourists.

The Elephant Sanctuary’s founder, Lek Chailert, is an advocate for the preservation and rescue of elephants. In his Facebook posts, he narrates the tale of Thong Bai and describes this amazing creature.

Lek comments on his post, “More than forty years he has served humanity, and he deserves his freedom.

Thong Bai is eventually freed from his bonds and allowed to roam after more than 40 years.

Privately owned elephant Thong Bai has appeared in a number of Thai commercials.

He has made appearances in beer commercials, films, and primarily weddings.

The elephant is being cared for in the province of Surin, and Lek accompanied Khun NuNa Silpa-archa there a year prior to the animal’s release to view Thong Bai and other elephants.

The visitor saw Thong Bai’s majesty and the elephant’s current predicament.

She was moved by what she observed, so she made the decision to assist the local elephant population.

When she first saw him, Lek said, “she started looking for a means to help him and to bring him greater respect and independence.”

It was the turning point that eventually resulted in Thong Bai’s release and independence. Khun NuNa Silpa-archa made every effort to free the elephants from their chains. She was successful after a year.

Owners of Thong Bai and supporters of elephants met and came to an agreement.

The elderly elephant would receive a cage where he could live free of restraints.

The Surin Project, which strives to enhance the living conditions for working elephants and the financial circumstances of their mahouts, would include his new residence.

Thong Bai was released into the enclosure after his home was constructed via community work. The famed elephant’s shelter was built with financial assistance from the Thai Beverage Company, with land maintenance being handled by the Surin government.

Thong Bai’s new home eventually became a reality thanks to the combined efforts of numerous organizations.

He was given a solid and durable location to call home where he may work and freely walk around without fear of being restrained. Even a fountain, plenty of muck, ideal shade, and numerous walking spaces are included in the enclosure.

“Everyone’s long-awaited day has finally come. At last released after more than 40 years in chains,” writes Lek. “Thong Bai, the Surin Legend, has broken free from his bonds. Today, we welcomed him to his new house. He gave off the impression of being uncertain, anxious, and perhaps timid to explore on his own.

The famed and majestic Thong Bai is at last unchained.

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