Eight-year-old saves his father from being crushed by their vehicle. It’s believed that he was helped by angels to do the impossible.


Little J.T. saw his dad being stuck under the vehicle, and he immediately ran toward him to help. But it would take a miracle for an eight-year-old to lift a car by himself.

In life, we sometimes experience the happening of logically impossible events. We call them ‘miracles.’ Some people believe that angels help human beings when they are desperate for help.

If you think that miracles don’t happen and angels don’t exist, keep reading till the end because this story might change your mind.

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It’s appropriate to say that such events make ordinary people superheroes because it’s unbelievable and seems supernatural.

Our hero is an eight-year-old who saved his father from being crushed by a car in this story.

The little boy named J.T. Parker met with the impossible task while playing in their home garage. The little guy’s bravery was tested to its maximum on this day.

Even though he did the impossible by himself, what he says is entirely different. According to him, he was helped by ‘Angels’ to do the impossible.

On a pleasant day, J.T Mason, J.T’s elder brother, and his father, Stephen Parker, started working on their car in their home garage in Sugar City, Idaho.

While working on it, J.T’s brother cut his hand accidentally and left the garage to treat the wound.

While he was out, little J.T and his father kept working in their car.

“Our vehicle had a problem with its engine. So we were trying to pull the engine off. We jacked the car, and then I went under it to remove the axles. I managed to remove one axel easily, but the other axel was stuck,” J.T’s father, Stephen, explained during an interview with East Idaho News.

Next, Stephen made a pretty lousy decision by jostling the second axle. The Toyota Prius fell on his body, trapping him under the car.

Yes, his life was in grave danger. He yelled for help, but the only person there to help him was his eight-year-old son J.T., and Stephen had only a little time left.

“I shouted, saying, ‘Jack up the car, I can’t breathe!’ Stephen told East Idaho news.

“I felt helpless. I couldn’t do anything to help myself, and then I passed out. My life was in J.T’s hands, and I hoped he could do it, even though I knew that he wasn’t strong enough. I thought so because it took myself and my elder son to jack up the car the first time.”

Stephen was struggling to breathe and was in a lot of pain. Little J.T. knew that it was up to him.

However, the little guy was only 22kg, so it didn’t seem like something he could do alone. For the next few moments, J.T. kept jumping on the jack’s handle, trying to lift the car up.

“I knew it’s nearly impossible, but I kept trying with all my strength,” said J.T.

Miraculously the car began to rise up slowly. Once it was high enough for his father to breathe, he ran inside the house to get help.

J.T’s father doesn’t remember much of the incident because he passed out.

“I remember seeing my boy jumping on the jack handle, and then my eyes got blurry,” Stephen said.

“I saw a nice sunny day. It was a calm and peaceful day. I felt like I was floating,” he added.

Little J.T’s mom, Jodi Parker, also believed that it was a miracle and that she couldn’t explain what happened. “The whole event was a miracle. Anyway, I’m happy that Stephen’s life was saved,” Jodi said.

After being saved, Stephen was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. The hospital said that he had 13 broken ribs and some minor wounds.

J.T. ‘s family strongly believes that Stephen was saved with the help of angels and that Stephen’s grandfather and sister, who passed away, were also there.

They also recreated the incident, letting little J.T. try to do it again, but he wasn’t able to jack up the car alone this time.

Watch the video below to see an interview with the little hero and his family.

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