Eight-year-old kid catches fish of his size, only using soda bottles and sticks.


Have you ever tried to catch a fish? If you have, you know that it is a pretty tuff job, but for the boy, who we are going to talk about today, it’s like eating peanuts. He does the catching with only plastic bottles and strings.

If you’re wondering, yes, it’s possible, fishing is something that humanity has been doing for a very long time. It is one of the main ways our ancestors used to provide food for their families. Different cultures use different ways of fishing.

It could be large-scale netting or line fishing, the society sees it as a grown person’s job, as it’s tougher than it looks.

That’s until this little kid showed everyone how to catch fish with just a plastic bottle and a string.

The 8-minute long video was posted on the youtube channel named pro fish hunter, and it has got millions of views ever since.
Anyone who saw the video would think that the boy is naturally gifted with the skill of fishing. Because he does it effortlessly with only some soda bottles and sticks.

While other people use branded fishing rods and other pieces of equipment, the kid uses what he has.

The amazing thing is that the kid is more productive than most people with equipment.

First, the little guy prepares his baits. Fishermen use worms, burns, or small fishes as their baits, but this kid is different. He takes some kind of dough putty out of his pocket and uses it as his bait.

He spends some time wrapping. He hooks with enough dough and walks down the bank of the river to set up his fishing lines.

Next, the boy plants sticks of reed in the water. He unwinds his finishing lines from the bottles and keeps them on the sticks he planted before.

The boy to tosses the fishing lines with great force. The is still a little kid, but watching him do it is just like watching a professional fisherman do this thing.

The kid set up everything and checked if they were any faults he left the place letting his fishing lines do the remaining work. Because it was burning for him to sit by the water for a long time.

Next, we see him return after three hours. He looks at the slanted sticks and longer fishing lines with a smile, knowing that there were fish at the end of those lines. Next, he pulls the lines and catches the fish.

He keeps pulling the lines while spooling them around the bottles. One line was longer than others, and it looked harder to pull than others. He kept pulling it, and after some time, the water near his feet started to whip and hover.

Next, we see something unbelievable. The little kid has caught a fish that is as big as him.

He handles the fish by himself and moves to the next one. Following the big fish, he catches some smaller ones. He does the job like a pro-fisherman.

Then he moves to the last one. Yes, it’s another biggie. The kid squeals with joy and excitement. Seeing him enjoy the results of his work is amazing to watch.

The video overflowed with great comments like:

“This is so inspiring. To have THAT level of confidence and competence at such a young age. Maybe because the hard life situation pushed him to be mature too early. Wish him very well and success, I had the utmost respect for this little guy.”

“Wow! Who needs all those fancy gears when you got an imaginative brain. The bottle was on a stick and he didn’t even have to fight the fish. You go, boy! Let’s not forget how strong he is, carrying those fish all by himself.”

Watch the boy fish with his amazing technique in the video below!
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