Couple says restaurant fined them for ‘poor parenting’ – the restaurant owner then reveals the truth


Eating at a restaurant can be difficult for parents. Often, parents struggle to manage their children in public, leading to a negative dining experience for all.

This pair faced similar challenges and they allege being ‘penalized’ for it. Continue reading to learn more..

A surprising move was made by a restaurant in North Georgia: they started imposing fines on customers for ‘poor parenting.’ This decision by the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant near Blue Ridge has ignited an online debate about whether it is justifiable to charge parents for their misbehaving kids.

A Reddit user shared their encounter at the restaurant. They mentioned, “The restaurant owner approached me and informed that an additional $50 would be added to my bill due to my children’s behavior… I was let down by the whole experience.”

The restaurant owner, Tim Richter, spoke to a reporter and shared their perspective. He admitted that they implemented a surcharge to offset expenses during COVID-19, but clarified that no customer was overcharged on their bill.


He claimed he never used the surcharge as a threat until recently when a family with nine children visited his restaurant. He mentioned that the kids were running around uncontrollably.

He mentioned that although he warned the parents, he never ended up asking them for the money!

He said that we desire parents to act as parents. The restaurant, hidden in the mountains next to the Toccoa River, is accustomed to having peaceful customers. The place is very well-liked and during meal hours, cars line up along the road.


Laura Spillman, a customer from Florida visiting the town, was shocked when she heard about the policy.

She exclaimed, “That’s insane!” in disbelief. “Seriously? I don’t think it’s a good idea because children are adorable.”

Anne Cox, dining with her family, mentioned that the fee might motivate parents to manage their children’s behavior more effectively.


She mentioned that parents should educate children on manners and proper behavior. She emphasized the importance of teaching kids to have fun in appropriate settings, considering the presence of others in the world.

Federico Gambineri, who was dining with his young child, expressed surprise at the restaurant’s policy. He mentioned that it was his first time encountering such a rule. He stated, “I’ve never heard of this before, and considering my 20-month-old may not always behave well at a restaurant, I hope they don’t charge me.” He further added, “If they do charge me, I would be extremely dissatisfied and would likely not recommend this place to anyone.”

Jack Schneider, a frequent customer at the restaurant, expressed his surprise at the additional charge. “I have conflicting feelings about it,” Schneider stated. “However, we have all been in situations where we wished the parents would take action with their child at the neighboring table. So, I believe the responsibility lies more with the parents.”

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