Dying woman says final goodbye to her parrot: The bird’s instant reaction leaves us in tears


Animals, including birds like Sinbad the African Grey parrot, can feel emotions like happiness and sadness. This video shows how Sinbad stays with his owner until her final days.

The pair has been friends for a quarter of a century, and it’s time for the beautiful bird to bid farewell to the person he’s been with. African Greys like Sinbad are sensitive creatures who can pick up on human emotions, so he knows his friend is about to leave.

Source: NTD

Scientists think these birds have the intelligence and emotions of a 5-year-old child, making them smarter than dogs and other pets. They believe the birds can experience love, happiness, loneliness, boredom, jealousy, anger, depression, and even empathy.

Parrots can form strong emotional bonds with people, considering them as real friends. It’s common for these birds to mourn the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, they may be prescribed antidepressants to help them cope with their emotional distress.

Sinbad is typically chatty, but now all he desires is to remain quiet beside his owner’s hospital bed. The owner’s daughter captures the incredible moment when her mother softly says ‘I love you’ to Sinbad, and it’s incredibly heartwarming, touching many hearts.

Source: YouTube

The video went viral, showing that birds can make loving and special pets.

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