Dream come true: Granddaughter takes her 94-year-old grandmother to the sea for the first time


Grandparents should undoubtedly be eternal, they are the first people to leave our side but they leave an indelible mark on our hearts, those of us who have had the joy of living and growing up next to our grandparents know that they are and will be forever. always our best accomplices, those people who will always be there to listen to you, advise you and love you with all the strength of their hearts.

That is why as grandchildren, we know that being able to fulfill our grandparents’ dreams is one of the most satisfying experiences we can ever experience, especially when they have been our support and support throughout our lives.

This was the story that Tatiana Van Campo shared on her social networks with the rest of the world, generating admiration and, above all, nostalgia in hundreds of people. After taking her 94-year-old grandmother for the first time to see the sea.

Tatiana and Doña Teresa are originally from Brazil and both share a special bond that throughout Tatiana ‘s life has become more and more special and unbreakable, for this reason the young woman decided to make her grandmother’s dream come true and took her to the sea ​​for the first time

Through a tender and emotional video that was published on social networks, Doña Teresa can be seen sitting on a chair, wearing a cap, sunglasses and simply enjoying the waves of the sea.

“I love you beyond what words can express.” Tatiana commented after posting the video.

Then they both begin to have fun in the water, dancing and feeling the gentle waves of the ocean. In the video, they are even seen sharing an emotional hug of happiness. Tatiana is moved to tears to see her grandmother’s joy at being able to swim in the sea for the first time.

Undoubtedly the actions that are truly worth in this life are the ones you do when you still have the joy of having your loved ones with you, those that are done with the heart.

«My grandmother, I do all my demonstrations of love for you while you are alive, because you deserve to receive flowers in life. I love you beyond infinity. I love you grandmother, you loved seeing the sea and you loved the bath, and I will never forget that.

Her story moved thousands of users who showed their emotion at seeing the relationship between the two women, as several people were able to remember loved ones who are no longer with them and who, like Doña Teresa , wanted to see the sea.

For others, this was an example of how grateful older people are for the sacrifices they made in raising their children and in some cases, even their grandchildren. Tatiana inspired several people to reach out to their relatives and create memories like this one that can improve their lives.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for this granddaughter who decided not only to leave a mark on her grandmother’s life but also on her own, since these are moments and experiences that will never be erased from their hearts.

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