Double-sided portraits of family members that show how decisive family DNA is


Few things generate more debate than reasonable and unreasonable resemblances. Around a baby, discussions about who got the eyes, mouth, nose or hair are very typical.

Thanks to this curious photographic project, with amazing and peculiar results, those conversations could become a beautiful memory and never happen again; This work dismantles that similarities are subjective.

Ginette and Ismaëlle, grandmother and granddaughter

The project of the photographer and digital editor Ulric Collette basically consists of uniting with Photoshop the faces of two people who are related by blood to demonstrate the power of genetics and record the incredible resemblance between their features and physiognomies.

Ulric states that he started this project, called “Genetic Portraits”, in 2008 while doing a daily photo challenge; “At the time, I had done a lot of self-portraiting, and I did the first montage with me and my 7-year-old son by accident, trying to do something totally different with Photoshop.”

Christophe and Ulric, brothers

Anne Sophie and Pascale, sisters

Claude and Benoit, father and son

The artist first posted his work on Flickr and received a great response, so he decided to test the idea with friends and family, and soon after, the project went viral.

He has shown his work in exhibitions around the world, in Montreal, Belgium and the United States and his montages have appeared in some art books and magazines.

Ismaëlle and Nathan, brothers

His work is currently in the Transportation Center Photography Exhibit at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

The artist has an ambitious project in mind, “It would be great to do this with famous people and their families, maybe it could be a great book!”

Eric and Dany, brothers

Julie and Isabelle, mother and daughter

Jean Philippe and Véronique, brothers

In addition to being original, the idea has an impeccable lighting technique and editing work since, in each of the results, the relatives seem like a unique and strange person, something like the villain “Two-Face” from the comics of Batman.

“There’s a lot of detail in my photographs, and I’ve learned a lot over time about how to properly light or frame what I need to make the photo work […] it’s really important that I do the whole process for myself. myself, from the captures to the work with Photoshop”.

Élodie and Audrey, sisters

Loyd and Jean Philippe, brothers

Geneviève and Jean Michel, brothers

The artist says he’s learning a few things about genetics while doing the project; as he himself states, “For example, daughters tend to look a lot like their grandmother on the father’s side.”

Nature is truly amazing, but the creativity and ingenuity of some restless minds are even more so.

Christine and Laurence, twin sisters

Laval and Vincent, father and son

Johanne and Roxane, mother and daughter

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