Dog Is Broken After His Adoption Falls Through, So He Stares At A Wall All Day, Then Something Happened…  Check The Below


March, the homeless Pit Bull, was initially found on the streets as a calm and cheerful dog.

The Philadelphia city shelter staff believed that this well-behaved boy would be adopted quickly, but March’s shelter experience became a nightmare.

March was unaccustomed to the life of being confined in kennels, with other anxious animals, all waiting for someone to adopt them. This experience had a negative impact on his mental well-being, causing his once vibrant spirit to fade away. However, the most devastating blow came when a family, who had initially promised to adopt him, rejected him simply because he didn’t meet their expectations of being overly “playful”.

March’s world shattered when he discovered that the family who had chosen him had ultimately decided against adopting him and brought him back to the shelter. As he found himself back in his chilly kennel, March’s spirit seemed crushed, and he appeared visibly dejected. He gazed sadly at the wall, hunching himself into a corner, and withdrew from any form of interaction with others.

When Dawn Timmeney, a local news reporter, learned about March, she made the compassionate choice to spread his heart-wrenching story on social media. The poignant images of March looking downcast in his kennel captured the attention of the community, ultimately leading to a life-altering transformation for this despondent boy!

Dawn’s social media efforts paid off within just 3 days when a rescue stepped up to save March from his impending fate on the kill list. It was a victorious moment as March sprinted to freedom from the shelter!

The new rescue group is committed to saving March until he is adopted by his forever family. Although March’s story ends happily, there are countless shelter dogs who are euthanized due to lack of adaptation or timely adoption. Let’s advocate for these unfortunate souls and spread awareness.

Check out the video below to see how March’s drawing of a sad dog helped him get through a tough time when he was feeling down.

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