Dog crawls under mechanic dad’s car to give him the biggest cuddle


The look on the pups face is what got me! ?

There’s something special about golden retrievers.

They are delightful to be around because of their amiable and affectionate behavior and, their smiles simply melt your heart.

Some argue whether a golden retriever’s smile is an actual smile or something they learn to mimic from the humans they love.

Either way, it’s definitely some sort of form of communication. And an adorable one at that.

“When they are happy or aroused, golden retrievers can smile in one of three ways: panting, aggressive, or submissive. Unlike human smiles, dog smiles are distinct from those of they don’t always mean happiness as they can also mean other emotions like fear,” according to Retriever’s Hub.

Their “panting smile” is a smile that makes them look happy.

The one when their tongues are out and they look like they’re wearing a huge grin.

This usually means that your dog is happy and content and their panting is to help them cool down.

The aggressive smile is a different story.

While their teeth are shown and visible they are tense and in fight or flight mode.

This usually happens when they feel like they are in danger or unsure about what’s going on.

So, that’s not a “smile” you really want to see.

Dogs can also show you their teeth while squinting their eyes in a submissive smile.

This look is meant to show that they are not a threat and are willing to be pushed around.

“This is less rare than the aggressive smile but is still seen much less often than the happy smile. I would say that about 80% of your golden retriever smiles are going to be happy smiles with the remaining 20% divided evenly between the other two smiles.”

One happy dog’s video of him cuddling up with his mechanic dad is getting a lot of views.

We see the dog’s big old doofy smiling face peer underneath a car where his dad is working.

Dad is under the car, holding a screwdriver or some kind of gun for fixing cars.

He’s looking for the right spot to begin his work when his doggo interrupts him.

That’s when the golden retriever Dog decides it’s time for kisses and leans into dad and further under the car to give the side of dad’s head a good lick. Then he stops to lay on top of dad for a minute so he can be happy and be close to him.

Next, he decides it’s time to cuddle and gets cozy on dad’s shoulder, and nuzzles up in the crook of his neck.

This is the perfect place to nap, or at least he thinks so, and goes in for a snooze. Meanwhile, dad still has a car to fix. But not before he gives his trusty dog some pets.

Check out the adorable video below.

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