Discover Praia dos Critais in Galicia, a particular cove formed by crystals instead of sand


Some do not hesitate to describe this phenomenon as a ” whim of nature “. And it is that to go to the origin of this unusual destination, it is essential to remember that in this area of ​​Laxe there was an old landfill where bottles and other containers were thrown away.

The Praia dos Critais in Galicia (in Spanish Playa de los Cristales) is a small cove on the Costa da Morte. Located in the municipality of Laxe, it owes its popular name to the fact that it gathers many small pieces of glass, giving it an appearance that simulates multicolored sand.

On these cliffs of perpetual and constant waves, the sea collected the remains of bottles and returned them polished into a work of art on this small cove. This has made it one of the most peculiar beaches in Galicia, an autonomous community northwest of Spain.

It is a beach unsuitable for swimming because the currents can be dangerous. Indeed, its main charm lies in being present to observe this spectacular postcard with stones that simulate glass.

A detail to consider about the latter: you can look at and feel them by touch as much as you want, but there is a prohibition regarding taking the stones from the beach. Given this, perhaps it is unnecessary, but it never hurts to repeat it: be a conscious traveler and respect the spaces of nature!

Among the main recommendations about this place, they recommend visiting Praia dos Critais in Galicia in the afternoon as they indicate that it is an ideal place to watch the sunset.

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