Discover 15 clothing tips to refresh and enhance your wardrobe.


About 85% of textiles in the US are discarded, either ending up in landfills or being burned. However, there’s a growing trend of repurposing old clothes instead of throwing them away. People are finding inspiration to transform old pieces, like turning worn-out jeans into a stylish bag or shorts.

Bright Side is thrilled to offer creative ways for you to reinvent your old clothes with simple modifications. And as a bonus tip, discover how to give a fresh look to old bed sheets at the end of the article.

1.Eliminate makeup stains with shaving cream:

. Apply shaving foam directly onto the stain and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
. Gently rub the shaving cream into the stain using a clean cloth or your fingers.
. Rinse the treated area with cold water.

2.Give new life to wide-leg trousers:

. Step into one of the trouser legs and pull it up to create a tube top.
. Twist the other trouser leg and position it in front.
. Cut the twisted trouser leg in half.
. Wrap the two halves around your waist and tie them at the back.
. Enjoy your unique and repurposed trouser dress!

3. Revitalize worn-out slides:

. Source a new fabric piece for the slider tops, such as faux fur or silk.
. Cut the fabric to match the shape and size of the slider tops.
. Use fabric glue to securely attach the new fabric to the top of the sliders.
. Enjoy your refreshed and stylish slides!

4. Transform old jeans into a bag:

. Cut off the bottom of the jeans’ legs.
. Cut along the length of each leg, creating two square fabric pieces.
. Sew the two square pieces together along the sides and bottom, leaving one opening. Sew across the bottom corners.
. Cut the top waist part of the jeans and divide it in half to form two handles. Sew these handles onto the bag.
. Your stylish denim bag is now ready for use!

5. Enhance plain heels with a stylish detail:

. Before wearing your shoes, position a piece of fabric under your foot, allowing a small portion to protrude.
. Slide your foot into the shoe, keeping the excess fabric outside.
. Tie a bow with the remaining material to add a fashionable touch to your heels.

6. Create a simple dress from a piece of fabric:

. Gather fabric from the center or use an old shawl.
. Cut a hole in the center for your head.
. Cut two holes on the sides for your arms.
. Define the waist by adding a belt.
. Enjoy your easy and stylish fabric dress!

7. Transform an old, oversized T-shirt into a skirt:

. Cut the bottom of the T-shirt to create a fringe.
. Sew the sleeves closed.
. Tie knots using two pieces of the fringe at the bottom, forming a pattern.
. Utilize the former head hole as the top of the skirt.
. Tuck the sleeves in to create pockets.
. Enjoy your stylish and repurposed T-shirt skirt!

8. Craft a skirt and top from an old, oversized hoodie:

. Cut the hoodie horizontally where you want the top to end, creating two separate pieces of material.
. Take the lower half of the material and flip it upside down, using the bottom of the hoodie as the waist.
. Secure the waist by adding a belt.
. Enjoy your new, fashionable skirt and top ensemble made from the repurposed hoodie!

9. Give new life to old sneakers:

. Identify any holes on the top of your sneakers.
. Cut a piece of new fabric to cover the damaged area.
. Apply glue over the section of the sneaker you want to cover.
. Place the cut fabric over the glued area, ensuring it fits properly.
. Secure the edges of the fabric with glue.
. Enjoy your revived pair of sneakers with a fresh and stylish look!

10. Fashion a belt from an old scarf and a bangle:

. Wrap the scarf around your waist or the desired location for the belt.
. Insert the ends of the scarf through the bangle.
. Pull the material around the sides, tucking it into the other part of the scarf.
. Secure the bangle in place, creating a stylish and unique belt from your old scarf and bangle.

11. Repurpose old clothing into something fresh:

. Select two old shirts and combine them to create a half-and-half design, or add sleeves from a beloved old dress to transform another shirt.
. Cut out the parts of each clothing item that you want to use in your new creation.
. Sew the chosen pieces together to craft a unique and revamped garment. Enjoy your one-of-a-kind creation made from the fusion of old clothing!

12. Unstick a zipper using soap:

. Take a bar of soap and rub it along the stuck portion of the zipper.
. Move the zipper pull up and down the soaped area several times.
. The soap’s lubrication should help free the zipper, making it easier to use.

13. Freshen up old sneakers with an eraser:

. Grab an eraser.
. Gently rub the eraser on dirt and stains on your sneakers.
. This simple trick works effectively on nubuck, suede, leather, and rubber, helping to restore the appearance of your sneakers.

14. Convert a regular bra into a push-up bra:

. Take your bra and identify the point where the cups meet in the middle.
. Sew the cups together a few centimeters from that point.
. The sewing will create a lifted effect, turning your regular bra into a push-up bra. Enjoy the enhanced lift and support!

15. Add a stylish detail to your sleeves:

. Use a zig-zag stitch to add a ruffle effect to any clothing item.
. Pull the stitching tight to create the desired ruffle effect.

Bonus Tip: Transform old sheets into a new top:

©© ClerkAffectionate588/Reddit

Repurpose old sheets into a fashionable top with creative sewing and design.

  • Measure the bust and add 4 cm. Then, measure the top’s length by using a tape measure across the chest and back. Multiply the length by 2, cut the material, and sew the pieces together. Add a hem around the fabric.
  • For the sleeves, fold the fabric in 4, measure the bicep’s circumference, add 1 cm, and measure outer and inner sleeve lengths, adding 4 cm to each. Mark the bicep, outer, and inner sleeve points on the folded fabric. Connect these points to create the sleeve shape.
  • Cut and sew the sleeves, hemming the edges. Leave a small unsewn space at the top. Cut elastic to the bicep length, thread it through, and sew.
  • For the middle part, bring the long material from the back to the front, wrap it across, and tie a bow at the back. Mark where the sleeves go and sew them on.

Have you ever tried any of these? If not, which ones would you like to try? Do you have any other tips or hacks to revive your wardrobe?

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