Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lovechild blamed by half siblings for breaking family, ‘don’t love him’ 


Despite being blamed by his step siblings as the lovechild who terminated their family, Joseph Baena is thrilled to have Arnold Schwarzenegger as his father, whom he still shares a strong bond and continues to support.

Despite being constantly ignored by his father’s children with Maria Shriver, 26-year-old Baena stands his ground against the man who claims he belongs in this world.

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Joseph Baena spent the initial 14 years of his life as a hidden secret, known only to Arnold Schwarzenegger and the family housekeeper, Mildred “Patty” Baena.

The young boy was unaware that his dad was the former Mr. Universe until he turned 13.

Baena recalls the moment he found out Schwarzenegger was his father vividly. He was in eighth grade, called out of class by his mom who said they had to leave because people were discovering the truth about his parentage. At 13, dealing with the media frenzy at his home, he felt his life changing right before his eyes as his body and mind were transforming.

The Last Action Hero was quietly helping Patty and her son, while Maria Shriver didn’t know that the child playing with her kids at home was actually fathered by her husband.

But as Baena grew older, he began to resemble his father more and more, making it impossible to keep the secret.

In his autobiography “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story,” the Terminator actor reveals how he deceived his wife of 25 years and discusses his children’s response to the news.

He mentioned requesting forgiveness from them. They wept, causing immense pain.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver ended their marriage in 2021.

Joseph, who is now 26 years old, is continuing his father’s legacy by pursuing a career as both an actor and a bodybuilder.

Joseph, who appeared on the cover of Men’s Health in 2022, revealed that he and his father connected through their shared interest in fitness. His dad gifted him “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding,” which was co-authored by Schwarzenegger. Despite having the option to call his dad for guidance, Joseph chose to rely on the book and figure things out on his own. When he turned 18, he finally started training with his father. Joseph admits feeling nervous during those initial sessions, as he carefully observed his dad’s actions and behavior.

Baena expresses that his father has traditional values and does not support receiving assistance without earning it through hard work. Baena shares the same belief and emphasizes the importance of honor. He questions the integrity of using his father’s connections or seeking favors, as it may compromise the sense of honor he values.

Joseph applies a similar approach to his acting career and has chosen to keep his true identity undisclosed.

When I attend auditions, people are unaware of my identity because we don’t share the same surname. I am fully aware that it’s solely my own abilities that matter.

The young actor has starred in several movies and has many more in the works. He also showed off his dancing skills on Dancing with the Stars in 2022, making it through six episodes.

Joseph paid tribute to his father by reenacting the famous scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day as the intimidating cyborg.

Baena is happy to have a close relationship with his father, but according to a source, the step siblings do not like Joe and hold him responsible for the affair.

The source mentioned that they have seen [Baena] at multiple events with him. It may not be fair, but I suppose it’s understandable – he is the result of a situation that shouldn’t have happened.

Schwarzenegger showed up at the premiere of the Netflix show, FUBAR, with his four kids from Shriver. Joseph walked the red carpet alone and wasn’t in the family picture taken at the event.

Joseph shares a photo of himself at FUBAR on Instagram, saying, “FUBAR gets 2 thumbs up from me! In my honest opinion, FUBAR is a funny, thrilling show that will keep you entertained throughout!”

Fans were quick to comment on his solo entrance. “I started following you to show the support that your snobby siblings refuse to give.” Another fan said, “Your half siblings need to mature! They are jealous of you because you resemble your dad and they blame you for his unfaithfulness.”

One person says, “It’s awful how your family treats you, being completely ignored for something you can’t help. Is it racism? Who can say. But let this negativity motivate you.”

Another online user comments, “It’s unfortunate. Arnie appears to love them both equally, maybe even a little more towards Joe since he’s following in his footsteps.”

‘Extraordinary young man’
The ex-governor’s lookalike son was hidden for 14 years, but now admits his mistake and praises his son, Beana, who is now 26, as an exceptional young man.

When it comes to Joseph, the ex-governor mentions that his son, who looks just like him, is an impressive individual that brings him great pride.

Schwarzenegger admitted his mistake, but emphasized that Joseph is loved and welcomed in this world, and has grown into an exceptional young man.

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